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4.80.2 Release notes?

Discussion in 'Installation and setup (Kayako Classic Download)' started by NC Software, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    What are the release notes for the 1 Nov build please?
  2. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    Awaiting release notes. Anyone still work at Kayako?
  3. sergioag

    sergioag Member

    I suppose they are not publishing because it contains changes to their "CallHome" routines, which transmits your URL, version and active staff count back to Kayako.
  4. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    It always did.
    Classic is low priority, and they'd prefer it totally gone. Even with the outlandish cost, it's not a thing they want to continue, in favor of one code base, with a known environment, and steady income stream.
    Disappointing, but understood.
  5. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    We updated the original set of release notes for 4.80: https://classic.kayako.com/article/1439-kayako-classic-4-80-2-release-notes - .1 includes a security vulnerability fix, and .2 is a fix to our heartbeat routine that pings back to Kayako your installation status. You can find all Kayako Classic news and announcements here: https://classic.kayako.com/section/257-updates-release-notes

    That's not true; while Kayako Classic isn't going to get new capabilities as big or as significant as what we can bring to the new Kayako, Kayako Classic will still be developed and improved as as been demonstrated over the last 12 months where we've resolved a large number of hotly requested features.

    In fact, we'll shortly be releasing the first of several significant user interface updates to Kayako Classic (staff area, support center and live chat) as we move it more towards the new design we've adopted in the new Kayako.
  6. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    I'd promised myself to just stop responding here on Kayako since I've been so disappointed, but can't really let this go.
    The reasoning behind that, other than pushing interest towards the new version? I can't seem to find the public facing order links to Classic. If it's a viable and wanted version, why is that?
    Like PHP7? AFAIK, still not there. What about all the feature requests that languished for (literally) years that were rolled into the SAAS version instead? Sorry, Jamie, but I can't say with any certainty that your comments are completely factual.
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  7. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    I'm not paying the crazy new fee structure. Want income from me for classic coke, keep your prior maintenance pricing. Adios.
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  8. sergioag

    sergioag Member

    So, in short, it now costs more than ever, yet it won't get anything "as big or as significant" as your other platform. Doesn't sound like a good deal to me.
  9. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    I've just reviewed the release notes on the Kayako site related to the Classic version. Most of the changes are bug fixes and cosmetic elements, not "hotly requested features". I stand by the statement about "factual" from above, and would highly recommend anyone reading this thread go look at the release notes for this product, and see for yourself.

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