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<{$_ticketPost[contents][1]}> formatting broken

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Korla_Plankton, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Korla_Plankton

    Korla_Plankton Established Member

    This morning I updated to 4.74, which is the latest version I have access too. Since the update, when someone receives an email reply of the ticket, all of the newlines have been stripped out of the ticket contents part, <{$_ticketPost[contents][1]}>

    This makes things look pretty unprofessional and difficult to read. I tried restoring the old template but it had no effect. It looks like it is just <{$_ticketPost[contents][1]}> that is broken.

    Can anyone suggest anything?
  2. Korla_Plankton

    Korla_Plankton Established Member

    I seem to have figured it out. For some reason, during the upgrade, the "Allow some HTML tags" option changed from 'Yes' to 'No.' Why? I sure as heck didn't change it!

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