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Not planned Ability to edit custom field groups

Discussion in 'Kayako product feedback and suggestions' started by CASIT, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. CASIT

    CASIT Member

    Hi Guys,

    Seems that Custom Fields and Groups are limited once they are set up.

    For example you cannot change a fields group after it has been initially created. You also can't change a groups type (eg Staff Ticket Creation vs Staff and User Ticket Creation).

    We've managed to change this after the fact by simply changing the type ID field for the custom group in the DB, would be nice if there was a little drop down to handle this.

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  2. Son2robert

    Son2robert New Member

    This is a MUST for my company. We have numerous complaints and issues with the Kayako system and about 80% of them are in regards to the custom fields.
    From calling them in reports to something as simple as changing a custom field group from Staff and User Ticket Creation (accident) to its intended Staff Ticket Creation, we've had nothing but bad luck with these custom fields. One in particular that has driven my higher-ups mad has been the inability to update the custom fields without it resetting that field on tickets already in the database. This is a HUGE problem as it results in an inability to update our selection fields without losing significant amounts of data.
    Kayako support hasn't given my company very many hopeful options in this regard so I've been studying the templates like mad trying to find a way to workaround this.
    Unfortunately, since we're ON-DEMAND, I don't have access to the coding that calls these templates so I'm quite limited.
    Any help from the community on this would be highly appreciated!
  3. CASIT

    CASIT Member

    I think your going to need DB access I'm afraid :( does ON-DEMAND give access to phpMyAdmin?
  4. Varun Shoor

    Varun Shoor Chief Kayaker Staff Member

    For security reasons we do not give phpMyAdmin access although you can request a backup and get a complete automated SQL dump in minutes. The reporting is being fixed and is our current #1 priority. Not only does it support custom fields, but it introduces a simple SQL like query language which we are calling KQL.

    Please be patient, you will love the update.
  5. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi folks

    We are working on changes that will make it easier to rearrange custom fields in the circumstances described above. Stay tuned
  6. KarlH

    KarlH Member

    Has there been any updates on this limitation?

    In my current scenario, previous Kayako admins have set a particular custom field to be "Staff Ticket Creation" when clearly I see an opportunity to change that custom field to "User & Staff Ticket Creation", yet, there is no option for myself to move the field into the "User & Staff Ticket Creation" group. Or am I missing something?

    Am I correct in assuming that the only way forward on this issue is to delete the old field, along with years of collected/manually entered staff data, just so that I can hand that privilege over to Users (with the ability of staff to over-ride)?

    Or is there a back-end change that can be made to make this happen?
  7. Gabe W

    Gabe W New Member

    This would be really helpful for our Kayako Download/Classic setup, especially any time we updates processes and require different information in different areas (or breaking a custom field group into multiple groups).

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