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Completed Ability to view notes chronologically with ticket posts

Discussion in 'Kayako product feedback and suggestions' started by rmin, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. rmin

    rmin New Member

    With larger tickets it is often hard to track the sequence of events, because notes are always shown separately to ticket posts. It would be much more intuitive if ticket notes were displayed chronologically with ticket posts.

    This means, if a customer posts an initial ticket A, it can quite easily be seen that staff member 1 conducted tasks B and C (and updated the notes accordingly) and then staff member 2 replied with a 'this has now been completed' post.

    I think :

    a) there should be a way to flip to a view where notes are embedded in the conversation chronologically.
    b) there should also be a way to make this the default view (via a config option in the admin)


    Jamie Edwards likes this.
  2. 7thSon

    7thSon Established Member

    +1 for that. This would be a very important feature for us!
  3. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    This has actually been on the cards - thanks for the suggestions :)
    Luke Pinion likes this.
  4. 7thSon

    7thSon Established Member

    Thanks! Some kind of roadmap would be great :)
  5. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    I'm afraid that for the most part we don't do public roadmaps or announce features beyond the upcoming update
  6. Luke Pinion

    Luke Pinion Established Member

    Awesome. I'm looking forward to this one. This would be very beneficial to the kind of work our staff does.
  7. franks

    franks Member

    I would like this too.
  8. Mle

    Mle Established Member

  9. Rashid H.

    Rashid H. New Member

    ISSUE: When handling tickets in Kayako Fusion v4, some issues may have several responses (e.g. 5-50 back-to-back conversations between support and customer). As notes are made to better document and track action takens during each correspondence, it becomes HARDER to match a note to the respective ticket because the notes are laid out on top of replies.

    PREFERRED SOLUTION: It is easier to manage tickets with several correspondences and notes by having each note parallel to the corresponding ticket reply. In other words, notes and replies should be side-by-side. How can this be achieved in Kayako Fusion v4?
  10. Tom Lesniak

    Tom Lesniak Established Member

    Having the option to see the notes inline would be beneficial too.
  11. fborcel

    fborcel New Member

    I know Kayako usually doesn't disclose roadmaps, but... this feature request -which is a must for companies like ours where tickets usually have many, many replies- has been around and showing as "planned" forever. Will it ever be in the product? At least as a toggle, so those of us who need to visualize cases this way will be able to do so?

    Thank you!
  12. Phil R

    Phil R Established Member

  13. fborcel

    fborcel New Member

    Ah, the irony... Our two main tools are Google Apps and Kayako. So no roadmaps. Not ever. I guess some companies just like to play mysterious.

    +1 on this request
    +10 on your comment
  14. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Inline case notes are available in the new Kayako :)

  15. Kevin Reed

    Kevin Reed Member

    Is this functionality likely to be back-ported into Kayako Download (and if so, any time soon)? We are restricted to using the download version for the foreseeable future, but would consider this to be a massive time saving if it can be made available...

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