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Discussion in 'Language packs' started by GerardoVSM, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. GerardoVSM

    GerardoVSM Member

    In a Spanish translation:

    How I can make it display correctly with accents and words with the letter 'ñ'?

    for the CP admin and the CP staff.

    Help, please... :confused:
  2. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi there

    What you will need to do is copy the folder __swift/local/en-us to __switft/local/<iso name>, you can find info on the iso names here:

    Language codes:
    County codes:

    Once you have done that, if you goto the language option in the staff CP for example, it will list your langugage as an option. ( if its not there, you named the iso wrong )
    Next you will need to translate all the files in your copied directory, pretty much open them up, and change the english wording to your language version.

    Files named staff_<something> are for the staff CP

    One thing to watch out for, some of the text strings will have like "%s" in them, you cannot rename or remove the %s, as these are variables coming from kayako which get filled in, in real time

    I hope that explains it enough for you?

  3. GerardoVSM

    GerardoVSM Member


    I did this step by step, but I have problems. The accent(´) and the letter 'Ñ' are displayed incorrectly

    How I can fix this? thank you for your help ;)

  4. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi there,

    When you edited the file, did you do it in a UTF-8 complient editor?

  5. GerardoVSM

    GerardoVSM Member

    Thanks garyGBM

    Apparently I was not using a proper editor. I used the GEDIT program, and it is working properly now!


  6. indesigns

    indesigns Established Member

    I am finding the problem as well in the front end. The accent and special characters are not displaying properly. The language is enter in admin cp and has the correct accent/character. But in the front end, it displays differently. How do I fix this?

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