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Adding custom fields to ticket properties bar

Discussion in 'Style and design' started by pjulian, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. pjulian

    pjulian Member

    Hi all, I have searched for hours and read numerous threads which seemed similar to what I want to do but not really found anything that has helped.

    We are using Resolve V4

    We need to be able to set a job type and billing type to all of our helpdesk calls, this is so that we can bill our customers for time spent resolving their issues etc.

    We currently have some custom fields which do this, but I need to display those in the bar in the ticket view that allows you to change the owner, status, priority etc.

    I have found some code to do it in an email template, but just can't figure out how to do it in the viewticket template.

    The fields we need to display are drop down boxes, the same as the fields there now, is any body able to help me with the code to modify the template with to get the extra 2 fields to appear after the priority field ?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Bagaiev

    Bagaiev Established Member

    HEllo Paul,

    Are you talking about Client support center or about StaffCP?
  3. pjulian

    pjulian Member

    Well mainly it needs to be in the staff cp, its really so that when we close a ticket off the engineer can say whether it was a warranty or standard labour or some other type of job, and the second field says whether it was remote support, contract, on-site etc, these all affect the billing to the customer and how much they are charged at the end of the day.

  4. pjulian

    pjulian Member

    We are willing to pay somebody to customise this for us, surely it can't be that hard.

    I need to insert to drop down fields which just use a custom field into the green ticket properties bar as shown in this link to an image on the Kayako website.

    If anybody can tell me how to do it I would really appreciate it, or if you feel you need to charge somebody for it please PM me with a quote or send me your details.

  5. cholthe

    cholthe New Member

    Paul - sorry to hijack your thread here but did you ever find a resolution to this as I am having the same challenge now.
  6. pjulian

    pjulian Member

    Yes we have just completed the modifications, not exactly how I wanted them but pretty close.
    We ended up getting a company to do the mods for us which gave us the custom fields just below the green ticket status bar on the general tab, you can just click on one of the fields and it will then allow you to edit the values of the fields directly, you can also access the values via SQL queries against the correct table in the database.

    We used a company called Dewak, you can contact Andres at andres@dewak_DOT_com, they were very helpful and professional.

  7. JonnyRider

    JonnyRider New Member

    It is a great information thanks.
  8. Nicolaus

    Nicolaus New Member

    JonnyRider +1
  9. Uriel

    Uriel Member

    Gary, this is extremely useful.
    Is this planned for the next features release?
    Is there an open RFE in JIRA that we can vote on?
  10. Ilona

    Ilona Member

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