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    There are a number of areas in which duplication is likely to be quite frequent. With V5 comes way more complexity as well, mostly because of the improved capabilities and functions.

    As many of these functions are rule / condition driven, creating them can be complex. Often, objects created may be similar to others. As such, a "clone from" type function may be appropriate in many cases.

    This would not create it as such, but would poll and pre-populate many of the fields for the admin.

    Although not exhaustive, some examples.

    New Team.
    A "clone" button on an existing team would provide the "New team" form, with all team members from the closed team pre-selected, along with the relevant "Business hours" selection. Name would remain blank.

    Business Hours.
    The relevant business hours would be pre-selected, as would the holiday definitions. Name would remain blank.

    Triggers, Monitors
    The core rule settings (triggers only), conditions and actions pre-populates, but name is blank.

    Conditions, targets and operational hours get pre-populated, but name and description not.

    Although much of this will be self explanatory on the goal, the reasons cater to our mess, which should become very obvious later for some.
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