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Discussion in 'Developing, APIs and extending' started by Nawid Sahebzadeh, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Hi Xana,

    Yes I have adapted this to 4.70.2. See attached.
    In the zip file there is also a changelog which should help with any differences in different versions.


    Attached Files:

  2. SamiPurho

    SamiPurho New Member

    Hello sir,

    I'm implementing this feature to 4.70.2 and I having some issues. Implementation went fine and the feature works. But in Kayako staff view on the top of the window it says "//START CHANGE //NS: 20150623 Hoverpop //END CHANGE" on the grey background.

    Where does this comes from and it can be removed ?

    Thanks in advance, really like this feature!
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2015
  3. Oh that's a slight oversight on my part. I used the incorrect commenting signs on that file.
    You can simply remove those three lines from the recpheader.tpl file.
  4. Jørn Trebbien

    Jørn Trebbien New Member

    Seems to be broken in 4.92.6, can anyone confirm?

    The changes in 'class.View_Ticket.php' seems to have moved to 'View_TicketRenderTrait.php' but applying them renders images permanently visible in the post instead of working as a hover.

    Anybody knows how to fix it?
  5. Jørn Trebbien

    Jørn Trebbien New Member

    Nevermind, maybe I did something wrong in that version because it works fine again in 4.93.01.

    However, changes to 'class.View_Ticket.php' have still changed to 'View_TicketRenderTrait.php' (same folder).
  6. revapk

    revapk New Member

    hi , can you help to edit css with notepad+ ?

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