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Auto CC/BCC App

Discussion in 'Apps and modifications' started by Goran, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Goran

    Goran New Member


    We have created an app which allows you to specify custom cc / bcc e-mail addresses per department.
    Specified e-mail addresses will be added automatically when new ticket is created.

    Usage:1. Extract the zip to __apps
    2. login to backend , click on apps and install the application
    3. While in backend, click on Departments -> Manage departments
    4. Choose the department as per your liking
    5. A new tab "Mail settings" will appear as the last in the row
    6. Enter cc / bcc addresses and click "Update"
    7. Login to staff panel and create a new ticket keeping in mind to select the department for which you have adjusted the addresses.
    Hopefully someone will find it as useful.

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  2. Goran

    Goran New Member

    And the patched version ( bcc wasn't processing at all... )

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  3. Hi There,

    This looks interesting. I've tried to install this app, unfortunately it didn't work.


  4. Goran

    Goran New Member


    Most recent version attached, let me know.

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  5. Works fine now. Thank you!

  6. Domas Ričkus

    Domas Ričkus New Member

    Hello. Your application looks very useful! We were looking for this solution for a long time :)
    Unfortunately, we have encountered a problem (error) when trying to use your application.
    Last version (2013.12.09) we managed to install, but when we tried get into "department" in "manage departments" part, we got an error.
    Then we tried another version (2013.05.03). In this case, we were not able even to install the application and we received an error. Picture is attached.
    Then we tried to install version (2013.12.09) again and we received the same error as with version (2013.05.03) during installation.

    We are using Kayako 4.40.1148. Could you please provide your personal email and we are ready to pay if this help would require your personal time. :)

    Thank you!

    Domas Rickus

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  7. Mugurel Iordache

    Mugurel Iordache New Member

    Hello, this app is no longer functional. Do you have a newer version?
  8. Sagi Pael

    Sagi Pael New Member

    Kayako Fusion download
    Ver 4.78.1
    Working great.

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