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Autoclose not working

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Pedro Reis, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Pedro Reis

    Pedro Reis Established Member


    I have set a simple autoclose rule that is not working , i dont know why. Its intended that all tickets in the state "responded" will change to state "closed" in n hours. Its not working i dont know why.. (see images)

    I have run the autoclose schedule task manually but still nothing happens. Could you give some guidelines to troubleshoot this issue please.


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  2. trrunde

    trrunde Established Member

    I think it maybe because you have set the status "responded" to be marked as resolved.
  3. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Indeed, autoclose will only work on tickets which are not resolved. If its marked as resolved, its considered closed.

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  4. Pedro Reis

    Pedro Reis Established Member

    I have marked the status "Responded" as "Mark as Resolved?" because thats a state where the tickets are no more dependent on the staff action.
    Beside, not being showed under the global ticket list, what are the other implications ?
    Maybe this setting is not important for the purpose i want to achieve. What i want to do its :
    - After replying a ticket is responded..
    - If there is no action after 1 week, all ticket in the status "responded" will be closed.
  5. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi Pedro,

    You just want to edit your "responded" status, so its not classed as "is resolved". then auto close will happily close "responded status" tickets after xx period, mark them a resolved etc..

  6. Pedro Reis

    Pedro Reis Established Member

    Problem identified. Thanks.
  7. Hi Gary,

    I'd like to use the autoclose rule but between two status which are classed as resolved.
    In my case, when we finished to work on a ticket, we manually change his status to "Pre-closed" (which considers the ticket as resolved). We'd like to use the autoclose rule to change automatically the status to "Closed" after a certain lapse of time.

    As I see your answer below, it seems that it's not possible..?

    If not, is there another way to do what I'd like?
  8. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi there Yann,

    You are correct that it wont be possible, the auto close "only works" on tickets which are marked as not resolved, so if you want it to auto close, the current status cannot be resolved.

    Bear in mind a "status" you considder resolved is not the same as "being resolved" as far as kayako is concerned.

    My only suggestion would be to have a status called "pre-closed", which does not actually considder the ticket closed, then have auto close actually move them from there to a final closed status which is marked as resolved.

  9. Carles

    Carles New Member

    Hi there,

    We've the same problem as Yann and Pedro. If we don't mark the tickets as resolved in the pre-state, that will affect the resolution times. I don't understand why the autoclose rule only works with resolved tickets. It's planned to add the possibility that autoclose rule functions with tickets in a resolved state?

    We use that option (a pre-closed state) because we want to send the survey e-mail after some time of the resolution, and that trick it's the only option we have find to send the survey 2 hours after the resolution:

    resolution (pre-close state and resolved) -> 2 hours -> autoclose rule (close state and resolved) -> survey e-mail

    Anyone knows another option to send the survey e-mail some time (x time) after the resolution (close) time?

    Thank you in advance.
  10. triller

    triller Established Member

    Exactly have the same request as Yann and Carles.

    The autoclose rule should be more flexible instead only works on the tickets not 'marked as resolved'.

    Currently, it allow us to insert a criteria to trigger the rule for those tickets at any specified status, but it actually ONLY works for status not 'marked as resolved'.

    It's not good enough for our case, can Kayako make it better ?
  11. pscs

    pscs Member

    I want to add my 'vote' to this as well.

    I want to be able to 'lock' tickets so they can't be re-opened 2 years later, and the 'auto-close' along with 'rules' would seem to be ideal for this - I was going to change the state of tickets to 'locked' after 30 days, and set up a parser rule to create a new ticket if a reply came in for a ticket in state 'locked'.

    This would work fine - if the auto-close worked on all tickets.
  12. huck

    huck Member

    Any progress on this issue?

    We managed workflow based on ticket status:

    New: New ticket no action on our end yet.
    Open: We are actively working or have it in our queue.
    Reply Needed: Waiting on reply from customer.
    Resolved: We believe the issue is resolved. So we will no longer be monitoring the ticket. If the customer replies, it goes back to open.
    Closed: Closed. Ticket cannot be reopened. A new ticket is required.

    We have Resolved/Closed status marked as "Resolved" in Kayako.

    What I need is a rule to move from Resolved to Closed state automatically.

    This is pretty common in some other helpdesks (e.g. Zendesk, Salesforce's Desk).

    Is there any way to achieve moving Resolved tickets to Closed automatically?
  13. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi All,

    Below I have attached a file with the changes needed to make "autoclose" rules apply to all tickets, regardless of their resolved status.

    ( e.g. you can have a resolved ticket in one status "waiting to hear back", and the auto close will still run and change the status to "closed" )

    Please note that this will have a slight impact on performace, as your now checking potentially a lot more tickets.


    Version: 4.52.2417
    Location: __apps\tickets\library\AutoClose
    File: class.SWIFT_AutoCloseManager.php

    Attached Files:

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  14. Anders E

    Anders E New Member

    Thank you so much for this!

    However, this is a really common behavior among all the major organizations I've worked with support for(incl. the ones that specialize in it). After replying, the agent puts the ticket into a "Waiting" status, and after 3-7 days that ticket is automatically moved to "Closed" and a survey is sent out. This is done to ensure the issue is really resolved before gathering feedback, and you should really consider adding this as a default feature of your product, it would make it even better.

    Moreover, every time a ticket is moved to "Closed" status, a survey e-mail is triggered. I'm not sure who actually wants the surveys to work like this, but it should be possible to turn off. Who wants 7 survey e-mails for a ticket you sent 7 replies to?
  15. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi Anders,

    If you want to use autoclose to move tickets from "in progress" to a "closed" status, that is actually the default way autoclose works and you will not need to modify it. ( The above change is to make autoclose move a ticket from "closed" to "another status" ( e.g. work on tickets which are already closed )

    RE the survey options, within the autoclose settings, you can use the settings to determine if the autoclose should dispatch a survey email. You can also amend the ticket status ( admin cp, tickets, status ) and within the "closed" status, edit its settings and turn off survey emails.

  16. Anders E

    Anders E New Member

    Hi Gary,

    I didn't even mention the "in progress" status? I mentioned a "Waiting" status which would be marked as resolved (to not clog agent's views) and then moving it to "Closed" (which is also marked as resolved). This is the same as other people requests in this thread. This is the way everyone I know off does this, and is an option in most other solutions, and it's extremely odd that this is not possible in Kayako.

    Turning off survey e-mails for the auto close or the "closed" status isn't an option, as we WANT survey e-mails to be sent out, just not every time the ticket is moved to closed (only the first time). The way I assume we will work around this is to lock the ticket, but it's a shame to have to do so after 3-7 days, just because you want to send out a relevant survey.
  17. cginest

    cginest Established Member


    Will the file included here work with v and if not, can you post a new one that does?

  18. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi Chaz,

    Here is a version for the latest Kayako 4.64 version.


    Attached Files:

  19. cginest

    cginest Established Member

    Doesn't seem to be working when the status is configured with "Mark as resolved?" set to yes. Did I merge the code wrong? (See attached)

    Attached Files:

  20. SteveAnders

    SteveAnders New Member

    this is script required any CRON job?

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