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    Fixes and improvements
    • We've made the spam filtering in Kayako a little more lenient, as some of you were having problems with legitimate email being suspended. Let us know how you get on.
    • Improved cross-site request forgery protection in the Help Center, making it more secure.
    • Added a last_active_at property to users in the API, so you can query for when any user was last active in Kayako.
    • Regardless of your Kayako plan, you can now toggle whether SLAs are active for the Pending status. Previously, this was only available to customers on the Enterprise plan.
    • Fixed some issues in the Help Center customization area in Internet Explorer.
    • Fixed a problem that prevented users from entering their password again after a login failure in the Help Center.
    • Relative times ('a day ago' and 'yesterday') will now live-increment (useful when you're blankly, endlessly staring at your screen. We all have those days...)
    • Security fixes.
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    Gurpreet Singh Staff Member

    A new, more intuitive experience for your team
    A new, more intuitive experience for your team in Kayako. We've taken your feedback over the last few months and incorporated it into a big, glossy update. We hope you'll find it faster and more productive. Here are some of the highlights:

    • A reworked layout, making better use of space on both smaller and larger screens.
    • Faster switching between cases and case views.
    • An easier-to-use conversation timeline.
    • A requester info card pulls in contact identities and the current local time of the person you're speaking with.
    • Private comments are now indented, making the internal conversation easier to follow.
    • You can now see a preview of the latest reply to a conversation in case views.
    • Many other interface improvements and enhancements.


    A brand new app for iOS
    Last week we launched a brand new Kayako for iOS app, which takes the Kayako experience you're used to on the desktop to your pocket. With Force Touch support, preview pops and other productivity enhancements, you can easily track and reply to conversations on to go.

    Kayako for iOS

    A beautiful new experience for Android
    Coinciding with the new Kayako for iOS app, we've brought Kayako for Android up to date with the new desktop experience. Conversations are clearer and easier to manage. Your daily commute has never been more productive!

    Kayako for Android
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    Happy Holidays from Kayako

    Here's our annual customer service themed greetings card, with best wishes from the Kayako team:

    What's new

    Assign-to-me shortcut

    Something we're focused on doing is helping your team do more in less time, so they can focus on having better, more valuable conversations with your customers.

    You'll now find a little Assign to me shortcut in the reply area of a conversation, so you can quickly put your name on a conversation while replying.


    Easier to use team management
    [​IMG]We've reworked the team management interface to make it easier to read, use and manage team members.

    Inbox conversations count badge

    [​IMG]There's a new count badge on the conversations icon.

    This is the number of conversations that are in theInbox view (i.e. the number of conversations that are open and assigned to you, assigned to your teams or unassigned), so you can keep an eye on what needs your attention.

    Speed and performance improvements ⚡️

    We're always working on making Kayako faster for your team and your customers. In the last two weeks, we've made big strides and have halves the time it takes for your team to perform common actions in the agent area.


    Fixed and improvements
    • Kayako will automatically scroll you to the start of the latest message in a conversation (useful when you receive one of those epic 10-pagers!).
    • A pretty new login page for your team.
    • Trashed conversations will no longer appear in search results.
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    New stuff

    Merge conversations

    Sometimes, you'll have simultaneous conversations with a customer or organization that overlap. To keep your queue from getting cluttered, you can merge two or more conversation into a single case, so your team doesn't miss out on any important context.


    Send and change conversation status in just two clicks

    Another productivity improvement in our goal to help you do more in less time. You can now set a status when you reply to a conversation. Fewer clicks for you, quicker answers for your customers.


    Help center now available in over 30 languages

    Do you support customers around the world in multiple languages? Your Kayako Help Center interface is now translated and available in over thirty languages - so you can offer a relevant experience, wherever your customers are.

    Find out more

    Improved CC workflow

    We heard you - copying multiple team members on one reply was more difficult than it needed to be. So we've made it much easier.

    Now, you'll see a CC button. Click that, and you can start searching for another user, or type in any email address. You'll also see the From, To, and CC addresses at the top of each email post.


    Salesforce integration

    Connect the dots between customers, support, and sales with the new Kayako for Salesforce integration. Give your sales team an at-a-glance view of all customer conversations, including status and priorities, right within Salesforce.

    Find out more

    Fixes and improvements
    • Fixed an issue which prevented admins from localizing default fields for forms
    • Improved 'empty state' screens with new illustrations to brighten your day
    • Setting the groundwork for a faster, real-time messaging experience
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    Gurpreet Singh Staff Member

    New stuff

    Cases become Conversations

    We’re all people here. When you reach out to support teams, you’re not a case number. You’re a person having a conversation. That’s why we’ve updated some Kayako terminology to reflect this distinction.

    Several people are typing...

    Well, maybe not several. But the one that counts is. We’ve added some typing indicators to the agent reply area to give your teams and customers a stronger sense of real-time messaging in action.


    Introducing: custom reports (minus the headache)

    Get all the insight you need to improve your customer support process. In just a few clicks, you can now export all of your conversation information and metrics for further analysis in tools like Microsoft Excel.

    Just as you would with automations and views in Kayako, you can build custom reports by selecting the conditions to filter your data, and then save your report. After that, you can refresh, download, and share the report at your leisure. Learn more about how to build your first report.

    All aboard!

    New customers can become better acquainted with their new Kayako account with four simple onboarding steps. Set up your email, link your social accounts, get started with Messenger, add your agents, and off you go.


    Fixes and improvements
    • Further speed and reliability improvements to the entire Kayako experience
    • Further improved ‘empty state’ screens with illustrations and a bit of helpful information for getting set up
    • Smoothed out process for dragging and dropping files into your conversations.
    • Cleaned up the experience of deleting conversations
    • Spruced up some alignment issues for a more streamlined look to your conversation history
    • Removed the “New Conversation” button for disabled users
    Questions about anything you see here? Let us know -
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    Hello again! We update Kayako almost every day. Every two weeks, we'll summarize what's new, what changed and what we fixed in the Release Notes section.

    New stuff

    Start an advanced search quickly

    We've revamped the + New button in the tab bar. As part of this, we've made it easy to start an advanced search in just two clicks.


    More information about recent conversations

    Rather than just show the name of the conversation, we're making it easier to see what active requests are open with your customers.

    We've restyled the Recent Conversations on user profiles to now show the statuses, dates, and show which agents in your team they've interacted with before - plus, a handy link to search for all their conversations.


    Fixes and improvements
    • Opening search results with CTRL/CMD + click no longer closes the search results
    • Improvements to the onboarding process, for Kayako trial accounts
    • Updated some error messages to be clearer and more concise
    • Fixed some line height issues, to make scanning a conversation much easier
    • Realigned some avatars and buttons to make things prettier
    Questions about anything you see here? Let us know -

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