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Blank pages after installed Resolve Beta

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by disenioweb, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. disenioweb

    disenioweb Reputed Member


    After made the install process, everything was fine, but now can no see pages in staff, admin or client area....should i enabled something ?


  2. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Is there anything in your Apache error logs?
  3. disenioweb

    disenioweb Reputed Member

    Hi Jamie, no, i added php_flag log_errors on to .htaccess file and not display any error...it could be related with a key file i hace to upload and now i can not ( says back shortly )..?


  4. Makc666

    Makc666 Established Member

    I also have blank pages :(
    No errors for php.
    No errors for Apache.

    Trying to raise php from 5.2.12 to 5.2.14
  5. disenioweb

    disenioweb Reputed Member

    My problem was that i did not uploaded the new v4 key file.


  6. Makc666

    Makc666 Established Member

    I have another problem I think.

    My index.php page works fine.
    But my admin and staff pages are blank.
  7. chris.doig

    chris.doig Member

    I can log in as admin fine
    key.php in place = yes
    files in place = yes
    version: fusion-dev-zendopen-4-00-830
    but when i go to admin cp or staff i get (as attached)

    Attached Files:

  8. silebis

    silebis Established Member

    What version of php are you using?
  9. chris.doig

    chris.doig Member

    PHP Version 5.2.6-1+lenny9
  10. Varun Shoor

    Varun Shoor Chief Kayaker Staff Member

    Hi Chris,
    Which build? Build < 4.00.830 had issues with PHP 5.2 and Lenny.


    Varun Shoor
  11. chris.doig

    chris.doig Member

    version: fusion-dev-zendopen-4-00-830
  12. chris.doig

    chris.doig Member

    suddenly came to life all by itself.

    will have to play some more now :)
  13. Makc666

    Makc666 Established Member

    I have raised a 'Critical' ticket #XWV-705-418** :)

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