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Bye Kayako. I will really miss you.

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by sergioag, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. sergioag

    sergioag Member

    It all started in 2010 when, upon the announcement that v4 was going to be more expensive than v3, I hurried up to buy a v3 license. Of course, Kayako honored the upgrade to v4. The timing was so tight that I don't remember ever using v3 on production. Probably we used v4 right away (I had user v3 before, but that's another story).

    The beginnings of v4 were rocky: people complaining about bugs and missing features (compared to v3). We didn't have any problems with it, though our requirements were quite modest. However, Kayako did, eventually, fix bugs and add features making people happy. These forums were no longer full of complaints.

    Then came a time of stability. V4 was rocking, fixes were coming here and there, new features were ok, etc. The only sour spot was when they removed the remove access functionality (don't remember the name), even though it was one of the big selling points of v4 from the start. But, since we are all Mac users and it required a Windows machine, we didn't care.

    After a good deal of time, things started to get slower. I mean, bugs were taking longer to be fixed and features were not coming as frequently as before. There was no official explanation for this. At least not until the announcement of the "New" Kayako and the discontinuation of v4. It all made sense: the team was busy with the new Kayako, while leaving all of us in the dark. This was the beginning of the end.

    It would've been great if the New Kayako would also be available on the premise, but no; it was cloud-only. A deal-breaker for us. We were really worried about this: our help desk platform was basically dead and we had no backup plan for it.

    Thankfully, at least that's that we thought at the beginning, the end-of-life was cancelled. However, it came with harsh new conditions: we had to give up our lifetime license and get a subscription instead. And that also came with a new price hike. I'm totally excluding the fact that our license is for unlimited staff and this was no longer a viable option because we're really a small company with only 2 part time workers (myself included).

    We decided to wait and see. And what we are seeing now is not good. As before, fixes are not coming, threads in the forum are being ignored (i.e. PHP 7), important stuff is not getting out. That doesn't look to compelling to get *less* rights for a lot more money.

    So today our support subscription expires. We are not renewing and probably never will. Our current plan is to maintain ourselves the latest version we have (4.90.0) while we calmly look for a suitable replacement.

    To Kayako, I must say, first of all, thank you. It's been about 6 years where we've been more or less happy customers. That's not easy and you certainly deserve kudos for it. You've also given a platform that is proving to be very difficult to replace thanks to its unbeatable user friendliness. However, you've also handled a business model change in the worst possible way, completely ignoring what we were telling in the forums. I suggest you look at how Jetbrains (sorry if mentioning a 3rd party company is against the rules, I'd be happy to edit this out if that's the case) handled their shift to a subscription model. I had a lifetime license to one of their IDEs and I'm very happy to continue have one after the change, unlike with Kayako.

    So that's all from my side. Hopefully someone will listen and will not make the same mistakes again.
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  2. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    Matches my own experience, except I had to give up 3 unlimited lifetime licenses. Lifetime. They didn't feel mentioning that meant "lifetime on the same version with no enhancements or updates unless you pay more and more".
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  3. sergioag

    sergioag Member

    Exactly. We would have accepted an increased support & updates fee, even if the product is nearly dead, with 1 to 3 staff at most. But giving up the lifetime license without having a clear path on what would happen next is simply not something we're willing to do. What if Kayako decides to increase the subscription price again? What is they decide to simply terminate the product and leave the cloud version as our only choice? Currently we do have choices. The so-called "upgrade" would mean loosing all of them.

    To Kayako: I'm not totally against subscriptions.But this is no magazine or newspaper. It's also not a consumer product. Jetbrains understood this and made a hybrid model where you retain rights to a certain version after a period. You specifically refused any hybrid approach. With that refusal, you don't have any incentive to provide more value to your customers because they will lose the right to use your application. They are locked-in. On the other hand, adopting a hybrid approach may serve as a way of measuring perceived value (i.e. if more people renew, a greater value is perceived).
  4. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    Remember the activity of this forum back in v3 era vs. now? Clearly indicative. I'll keep using 4.80.2 as long as it works fine which I'm sure will be a long time, just like vBulletin 4. Who cares about PHP 7, etc. etc. Just use what you have, it does the job. Kayako will be unable to sustain business. They'll down size to probably back where they first started and limp along but the success of v3 and a little of v4 are long gone. I'd continue to pay the maintenance on my v4 license, that's money in for Kayako, stupid they don't do that. So they have again cut off more income on their part. Not smart.
  5. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    I'd say it's indicative of owned license holders moving on, either to pay huge increases to continue with Kayako, or to other products. Not much to talk about the product here, as not much changes, and it's too costly to renew.
    That was the plan, I think. Don't EOL it, to stop the major complaints, but price it as they did to deter folks from wanting it.
    It worked.
  6. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    I'm not sure I agree. When new customers come on board of any type they will have questions on use and customizing. The lack of participation here is a clear indication of the state of Kayako (to me).
  7. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    With a purchase price that *starts* at over $11,000 last time I looked) for the owned licenses, do you feel there are many or even any of those?
  8. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    No, but that made me laugh. Didn't know of that.
  9. sergioag

    sergioag Member

    Before you got a lifetime license with unlimited staff for $499. Now it starts at $11,000. That's a 22x increase in price, with even less rights. Has the value provided increased as much? I don't think so.

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