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Cannot forward a ticket to a staff member?

Discussion in 'Technical chat' started by david.garofalo, May 31, 2012.

  1. Occasionally, I get a helpdesk ticket and want to forward it on to one or more staff members for feedback. I don't want to change the owner to the person(s) I am forwarding it to, because I want the ticket in my queue where I can monitor it and follow up if I don't hear back from anyone.

    When I click the "Forward" button, I can enter one or more addresses in the "TO" field. The system will auto-complete addresses when they are entered, but it will only do this for users of the PUBLIC site, and NOT for staff members! I asked Fusion support about this today and they told me that the "TO" field only searches pubic users and not staff members, and that this was as designed. Why on earth would I ever want to forward a client ticket to another client? The only people I'll ever forward a ticket to is other staff members, but I can't do that at this time.

    Support suggested I use the "Dispatch" feature to forward tickets to staff members, but that changes the owner to the person you're forwarding it to, and you can only dispatch to one person at a time.

    Support also suggested a workaround to setup public accounts for my staff users, so I can Forward tickets to them. I actually already figured this out on my own, but there are a couple of problems:

    1. The public site uses a separate set of credentials from the Staff site, and from the community site. Users don't always have a firm grasp of which site they are on (public or staff) and I can almost guarantee they will get confused. Furthermore, if a Staff member does not exist on the public site, and I type in his email address manually, that user will be added to the public site and will receive an email welcoming them to the system, which will cause them to call me, confused, asking why they are being setup in Fusion when they already have an account in Fusion (again, they don't totally grasp the concept of the two sites right away).

    2. If I forward a case to a Staff member's public account, that user will not necessarily be able to see the entire history of the ticket, nor will they be able to see any of the notes on it, due to insufficient security rights. Once the staff member gets an email notification that a ticket has been forwarded to him, the best practice would be to go to the staff site and manually key in the ticket number, which is cumbersome to do.

    Are there any template hacks which would allow us to change the behavior of the "TO" field to search the staff accounts rather than the user ones??

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