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Cant see any pre-built reports

Discussion in 'Kayako reports (Kayako Classic)' started by Andreas Stråhle, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. Andreas Stråhle

    Andreas Stråhle New Member

    Hi all I have installed the reports app from the admin side.
    I do get a report tab and also the tree view with categories but its all empty I cant see any pre -built reports.
    What could be wrong ?

  2. Torbjörn S.

    Torbjörn S. Reputed Member


    Have you rebuilt the cache after installation?
    Do you use anykind of homemade translation of the backend? I've noticed that this sometimes can cause problems. I always log in with original english when testing.
    one last thing I can think of. Have you written anything in the searchfield? That can also cause empty "pages".
  3. Andreas Stråhle

    Andreas Stråhle New Member

    Thanks but this is not the case.
    I have now investigated a little and it seems like no database entries gets inserted during the install,
    something must go wrong during installation but no errors are thrown.
  4. Torbjörn S.

    Torbjörn S. Reputed Member

    Strange, What Kayakoversion are you using?
    Maybe if you try to repair/upgrade to a later version?
  5. Andreas Stråhle

    Andreas Stråhle New Member

    Thanks for your help Torbjörn.
    I did a full fresh install and now its working.
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