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Changes to css.tpl don't work

Discussion in 'Style and design' started by Ben Dobson, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Ben Dobson

    Ben Dobson Member

    I've just spent a significant time editing css.tpl so the ticket view is a little more suited to our needs.

    Having edited and uploaded I can confirm the edits are present in /var/www/__swift/themes/admin_default/css.tpl

    Rebuild the cache via the interface. No changes appear! Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. simond

    simond Established Member

    Have you tried clearing out your browser cache?
  3. Ben Dobson

    Ben Dobson Member

    Yes, and just to be certain have gone to the helpdesk from a completely different computer - no luck.
  4. Ben Dobson

    Ben Dobson Member

    To be certain I was editing the correct file, I removed it completely, which totally broke the helpdesk. I then added some comments to the file and replaced it. The comments are present in the file on disk, but none of the changes take effect.

    When I review the css that is being loaded, it appears to be populated via a script which is creating a combined stylesheet:

    From what I can tell, whatever this script does it is losing all my changes. So having researched for ages to make sure I was doing the right thing - am I now editing the wrong bloody file?!
  5. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi there,

    Your trying to make changes to the way staff see tickets correct ( e.g. not end users? )

    It's possible your changes are not taking effect as you may not have altered all containers, e.g. if you tell it to make something bigger, but the box which contains it is set at a specific size, then you wont see anything change until you change the size of that container too.

    if you can give an example of the kind of thing your trying to alter, we can hopefully point you in the right direction.

    Edit: also, did you make sure to goto admin CP, diagnostics, rebuild cache?

  6. Ben Dobson

    Ben Dobson Member

    Guys apologies for wasting your time. After much deleting, replacing, editing replacing and deleting, pulling out hair, drinking coffee, crying, deleting and replacing, it appears to have worked.

    I just wish I knew why!

    Patrick Stel likes this.
  7. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi Ben,

    Glad its working, here is the process I follow to ensure I am not seeing some kind of cached view

    1) Admin CP, diagnostics, rebuild cache.
    2) in local browser, clear all temp files, and close browser
    3) open browser and then press F5

  8. Ben Dobson

    Ben Dobson Member

    That's exactly the process I followed. Copied the new file in, confirmed the date was correct, set correct permissions, rebuilt cache, accessed from completely new browser.

    No idea what I did differently for it to start working. I hate things like that because not understanding why something behaved as it did means it can happen again in future.

    In any case my customisations to the ticket view have dramatically reduced the wasted screen real-estate and all the unwanted white space. Much better suited to our requirements!
  9. Patrick Stel

    Patrick Stel Established Member

    You got the same problem as I got, most of the time I make changes and it doesn't work, after 15 minutes it miraculously works still don't understand how something work after 15 minutes :p
  10. Ali Dursun

    Ali Dursun Member

    i have still the same trouble; did everything you did; but it does not work.
    i tested it with 3 Browsers.

    Can YOU suggest where the PROBLEM is; because Kayako does not accept any new css rule!!

    using Kayako Fusion Version: 4.40.832

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