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Changing live chat staff avatars

Discussion in 'Kayako Desktop' started by Peter_K, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Peter_K

    Peter_K Member

    We are trying to add staff avatars for live chat. However when we try to use the custom image option nothing happens. The file I am testing with is below 2Kb and is a jpg file. The upload gives no error but nothing appears in the list of available avatars for it to be selected and used. Only the predefined images are available for selection.

    Is there somewhere I can upload the images so they appear in the list of predefined images or something else I need to do for this to work.?

    Kayako Desktop
    Kayako Fusion 4.66.2

  2. Grant Phillips

    Grant Phillips New Member

    Hi Peter,

    I had the same issue and found a work around.

    Simply go to the Kayako directory and find the avatars folder (should be X:/Program Files(x86)/Kayako/Desktop/resources/avatars) Next, copy the desired image into this directory. Restart or start up Kayako and the image you just copied should be available as long as it is less than 10KB.


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