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Chat Repeating Itself

Discussion in 'Kayako Desktop' started by MarkIngles, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. MarkIngles

    MarkIngles Established Member

    In some chats, we're seeing lines repeated over and over again. It seems to be every time the Desktop client updates. So if we set it for every 4 seconds, the line is repeated every 4 seconds.

    It's Version: 4.30.750. Desktop version

    I'm not sure how to debug it any further, but it seems the more chats we have, the more we're having. It doesn't happen every time. And it doesn't happen to a specific agent, or a specific client browser.

    It seems like something isn't getting flushed or deleted. I think it's in /__modules/livechat/library/Chat|class.SWIFT_ChatEventClient.php lines 226- 362 but I'm not sure entirely what's going on.

    Any ideas? Anyone else experience the repeating lines?
  2. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi Mark

    Does this happen every time? If yes, please submit a support ticket with access to an account on your helpdesk for us to test this.

    If it doesn't happen every time: The next time it does, open up the protocol spy (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F1), let it loop for a bit, save the log and then attach it to a support ticket. If your desk is busy, tell us the name of the chatter so we can dig it out of the log.
  3. MarkIngles

    MarkIngles Established Member

    I will do that. Should I just have it log for all the agents, then cut out the useful section and send it in? Or should I have them open the super secret protocol spy while it's happening? It seems to only log in real time, so do you think we'll miss something in it?
  4. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi Mark,

    Sorry, just one agent will do. You could keep it running from the start and indicate the relevant parts (chatter name, time, etc) to us.
  5. Chris Boulton

    Chris Boulton Established Member


    Were you still having this happen on your install?

    Our live chat has been doing the same thing recently, on the client end. Our rep will send something once (shows up once on their end too), and it'll come through a bunch of times for the visitor. The messages that are duplicating only show once in the chat history, and in Kayako Desktop if you have another rep join the conversation so we know it's not definitely database related.

    I currently suspect it's something with the client-side JavaScript, but so far we've not been able to replicate the problem ourselves even though a bunch of our clients are seeing it happen.
  6. MarkIngles

    MarkIngles Established Member

    Yes. It still happens. I sent in a dump to to support where it clearly said there were failures and they said they didn't see any problems. It doesn't happen all of the time, but it happens about once a day. We only have a couple hundred chats each day, so it's less than 1%, but it's still a constant problem.
  7. Chris Boulton

    Chris Boulton Established Member


    We're unfortunately seeing the issue quite a bit, and it seems to be on the client side of the chat and not the staff interface. We're getting no where with support because they keep asking for protocol spy logs from Kayako Desktop, when the problem is on the client end only. Right now we're going around in circles.
  8. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Can I have your ticket ID please? I'll get this looked into
  9. Chris Boulton

    Chris Boulton Established Member

    For reference, I've gone ahead and added a bunch of logging in to our desk to try and see if the problem is server-side, or we've got a problem with the JavaScript on the client end, an issue with database transactions, etc. We now just need to sit and wait for it to happen again and hope a client picks up on it and tells us it's happening.
  10. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Thanks, Chris. Let us know how you get on
  11. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    By the way, keep a close check for any PHP or web server errors - the JavaScript engine we created for live chat should be fail safe unless something collapses in an awkward way at either end (the browser or the server).
  12. MarkIngles

    MarkIngles Established Member

    The ticket with the log is DMF-905-59644 from Jan 11, 2012
  13. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    Yes, the issue is client side, not staff side.
    The only pattern is the text is repeated immediately, almost like the system did not recognize operator's text was sent and so it is sends it again.
    It is a random occurence so the rest of the chat log will be fine.
  14. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    It also appears to do it more often with canned replies and in some cases the same reply multiple times in a row. It appears to be a problem on the client side form for the chat, and does not appear in the chat log history. It could be many Kayako users don't notice this issue because they aren't remotely viewing the client's screen which we do over 50% of the time on support chats.
  15. ad_amin

    ad_amin Established Member

    In my case this problem was connected with hooks - if the hook was echoing some content it caused that behaviour. I think that php notices generated by the hook code can cause this as well (haven't tested this yet).
    Hope that helps.
    Jamie Edwards likes this.
  16. Zetu

    Zetu New Member

    I have the a similar problem:

    When a client is ending the chat but the operator was still writing a phrase, this last phrase of the operator is repeated in chat history.

    Other problems with Chat History:
    - sometimes gets truncated
    - sometimes the history seems to completely repeat the header "Your question.... You are now chatting with..."
  17. Zetu

    Zetu New Member

    Is there any solution yet for the chat repeating problem?
  18. Alex Saavedra

    Alex Saavedra Member

    An Agent reported this today, with the same symptoms: client received a reply multiple times.

    Then I remembered having experienced this issue while chatting with Kayako Support, maybe a month ago. I hope I hade emailed this chat to myself.

    Does anyone have a clue on how to reproduce this issue?

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