Windows Phone Closed tickets still show on start menu tile

Discussion in 'Kayako Mobile' started by alexkim, May 16, 2012.

  1. alexkim

    alexkim Member

    When I have tickets assigned to me and I load up the Kayako application on my windows phone the tile I have put on the start menu shows how many tickets I have and then flips with the names of the ticket. When these tickets are closed and I load up the application again the numbers still stay the same and still scrolls through closed ticket names. I have turned off live tile updates in settings and turned it on again but they still show up. How can I get the tile to stop showing closed tickets?
  2. Adam Stiskala

    Adam Stiskala Windows Phone Developer Staff Member

    Hi Alex,

    At the moment the live tile updates using a background task on the phone. Generally this task runs every 30 minutes while the phone sufficient battery and is not on power saver mode. Also, it will only work on devices with 512MB of RAM or more. What device are you using at the moment?

  3. alexkim

    alexkim Member

    Morning Adam,

    It has been over four days since a ticket was closed but it still scrolls through on the tile. I am on a Samsung Omnia 7 which I understand has 512mb.

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