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Common Error - "AutoExecute Query: INSERT swbayeswords"

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Luke Pinion, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. Luke Pinion

    Luke Pinion Established Member


    For the longest time we've received errors in the error log that say, "AutoExecute Query: INSERT swbayeswords (array ( 'word' => 'some phrase', ))"

    Sometimes the closing quote and parenthesis are included, and sometimes they're not. For all I know, this could be part of the error. Obviously, this has to do with the Bayesian filter, but I don't understand why it's generating errors. Tons of these are generated every day, but I've never bothered doing anything about it. Now that someone else will be taking over my position soon, though, I figured it would be best to get this corrected.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what these errors mean and how to fix them?

    On a related note, has anyone ever noticed that when these errors are displayed in on the dashboard the greater than symbol is displayed as it's ampersand code? That seems like something that needs to be fixed.
  2. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

  3. Luke Pinion

    Luke Pinion Established Member

    Hey Gary,

    Thanks for asking. We are on the latest version:

    The issue you mentioned does sound kind of like the issue, but we aren't receiving anything saying "duplicate entry". With the way the error looks, it almost seems like the part of the array is being cut off and that that is causing the error...but that could just be an issue with the way the log is displaying the error (just like with the ampersand code I mentioned) and not actually the cause. You can see what I'm talking about in the attached screenshot.

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  4. Kaloyan Rangelo

    Kaloyan Rangelo New Member

    i have receiving also same error.
    Do You have some resolution?
    Best Regards.
  5. Joshant

    Joshant Established Member

    Yes... We have also facing same problem...

    previously we were getting the message in parser logs
    Result created ticket with green dot..

    now its showing below message with red circle but tickets are created

    result: AutoExecute Query: AutoExecute Query: INSERT swsearchindex (array ( 'objid' => 67013, 'subobjid' => 80541, 'type' => 1, 'ft' => 'M/C Details: MBID:FC-02-0A-18-F0-11 INSTALLATION CODE:HR-D9D7-F959-C9E1-974D-0651 HDD1:4LR1VG46 HDD2:5a919c99-fa4d989c- HDD MODEL:DISKST3802110A______________________________3.AAH___ CDVSN:205A72EA DDVSN:D8DD2312', ))145:Table '.\kayako_fusion\swsearchindex' is marked as crashed and should be repaired

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  6. Joshant

    Joshant Established Member

    And also getting the error when sending reply to customer's ticket..

    [User Error]: #0 E:\Inetpub\wwwroot\support\__swift\library\SearchEngine\class.SWIFT_SearchEngine.php(170): SWIFT_Database->AutoExecute('swsearchindex', Array, 'INSERT')
    #1 E:\Inetpub\wwwroot\support\__swift\library\SearchEngine\class.SWIFT_SearchEngine.php(104): SWIFT_SearchEngine->MySQLInsert('67067', '80621', 1, 'Thanks.??')
    #2 E:\Inetpub\wwwroot\support\__modules\tickets\library\Ticket\class.SWIFT_TicketPost.php(588): SWIFT_SearchEngine->Insert('67067', '80621', 1, 'Thanks.??')
    #3 E:\Inetpub\wwwroot\support\__modules\tickets\library\Ticket\class.SWIFT_TicketPost.php(249): SWIFT_TicketPost::Create(Object(SWIFT_Ticket), 'React - 1', 'support@indiaan...', 'Thanks.??', 1, '7', 2, '', '', false)
    #4 E:\Inetpub\wwwroot\support\__modules\tickets\staff\class.Controller_Ticket.php(3294): SWIFT_TicketPost::CreateStaff(Object(SWIFT_Ticket), Object(SWIFT_Staff), 2, 'Thanks.', '', false, false, 'react@indiaanti...')
    #5 [internal function]: Controller_Ticket->ReplySubmit('67067', 'inbox', '-1', '-1', '-1', '0')
    #6 E:\Inetpub\wwwroot\support\__swift\library\MVC\class.SWIFT_Controller.php(336): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
    #7 E:\Inetpub\wwwroot\support\__swift\library\Module\class.SWIFT_Module.php(164): SWIFT_Controller::Load(Object(SWIFT_Interface), Object(SWIFT_Module), Object(SWIFT_Router), false)
    #8 E:\Inetpub\wwwroot\support\__swift\library\class.SWIFT.php(765): SWIFT_Module->ExecuteController()
    #9 E:\Inetpub\wwwroot\support\__swift\library\class.SWIFT.php(919): SWIFT->Initialize()
    #10 E:\Inetpub\wwwroot\support\__swift\swift.php(154): SWIFT::GetInstance()
    #11 E:\Inetpub\wwwroot\support\staff\index.php(28): require_once('E:\Inetpub\wwwr...')
    #12 {main}
    AutoExecute Query: AutoExecute Query: INSERT swsearchindex (array (
    'objid' => 67067,
    'subobjid' => 80621,
    'type' => 1,
    'ft' => '.',
    ))145:Table '.\kayako_fusion\swsearchindex' is marked as crashed and should be repaired (library/class.SWIFT.php:768)
  7. morcansupport

    morcansupport New Member

    Old post but someone might need some help with this, run all the command in blue from your linux machine.

    service httpd stop
    service mysqld stop

    run this to double check tables which have crashed:

    myisamchk -s /var/lib/mysql/*/*.MYI

    You should see the tables that are broken:

    [root@helpdesk ~]# myisamchk -s /var/lib/mysql/*/*.MYI
    myisamchk: MyISAM file /var/lib/mysql/kayako_fusion/swsearchindex.MYI
    myisamchk: warning: Table is marked as crashed and last repair failed
    myisamchk: warning: 1 client is using or hasn't closed the table properly
    myisamchk: warning: Size of indexfile is: 4088132608 Should be: 69544960
    myisamchk: warning: Size of datafile is: 1010803188 Should be: 985541860
    myisamchk: Unknown error 126
    myisamchk: error: Can't read indexpage from filepos: -1
    myisamchk: error: Checksum for key: 3 doesn't match checksum for records
    myisamchk: error: Checksum for key: 4 doesn't match checksum for records
    myisamchk: warning: Found 3511100 key parts. Should be: 2316365
    MyISAM-table '/var/lib/mysql/kayako_fusion/swsearchindex.MYI' is corrupted
    Fix it using switch "-r" or "-o"

    To fix the issue, run this - I gave the buffer extra size because it failed without it. It took about 1 hour to run through 2.3 million records

    myisamchk -r -q /var/lib/mysql/kayako_fusion/swsearchindex.MYI --sort_buffer_size=3G

    When done start your service mysqld and then httpd services.

    service mysqld start
    service httpd start
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