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"COMPANY NAME" - Powered By Kayako SupportSuite

Discussion in 'Kayako 3 Forums' started by Success, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Success

    Success New Member

    on /help/index.php

    The title says:

    "COMPANY NAME" - Powered By Kayako SupportSuite

    Where can we edit the Company name?
  2. Success

    Success New Member

    Currently mine says "admin - Powered By Kayako SupportSuite"

    How to change the words?
  3. disenioweb

    disenioweb Reputed Member

    go to Admin area - settings - general - Company Name :D
  4. Success

    Success New Member

    I did changed that field but it's not updated.
  5. disenioweb

    disenioweb Reputed Member

    try to refresh your browser....this is the option you have to use....
  6. Success

    Success New Member

    I did that too.
  7. disenioweb

    disenioweb Reputed Member

    go to by FTP, and find the folder Cache, delete the files you have in this folder....
  8. Success

    Success New Member

    I deleted cache files also but it still don't work.

    I entered admin as the company name during setup.

    Now, no matter what value I entered in the admin area, that line remains the same.

  9. Success

    Success New Member

    Solved it!

    Admin Area > Templates > Manage Templates > Settings
  10. disenioweb

    disenioweb Reputed Member

    which template did you edit ?
  11. tomaz

    tomaz New Member

    When everything is fine, you can manage it in Admin Area > Settings > General


    If it don't work, try Admin Area > Templates > Manage Templates > Header and change [general_companyname] by your value (maybe you will have to seek for [general_companyname] somewhere else.


    This second solution is bad, cause you have to change souce code and it must work with solution one. 2nd solution is a desesparate one.
  12. Success

    Success New Member


    You don't need to go for the second option.

    I went to Admin Area > Templates > Manage Templates > Settings > Company Name.

    disenioweb: default Template
  13. tomaz

    tomaz New Member

    Whoaw Success which version are you using ? Templates and Settings are 2 different categories in kayao demo (3.0.13) and our v3 test (3.0.27).
  14. Success

    Success New Member

    I'm using 3.00.32
  15. iswell

    iswell New Member

    I am having the same problem. I purchased the branding free option and wonder if maybe that has something to do with it. When I look in the header template file I see the kayako branding info as well as the general_comanyname but the kayako suport stuff does not show up so it makes me think maybe that code is not being used with the branding free option.
  16. kami

    kami New Member

    When we first started I asked the same question & here is the reply I got.. hope this helps - I just tried it with the latest upgraded and it worked..

    - Kami

    You can remove the Kayako branding by editing the footer template and by editing the Language Phrases.

    Admin CP > Languages > Search Phrases

    Search for Kayako and the 3 language phrases you need to edit are:


    > Also the title page needs to be changed.

    You can change the header of the page using:
    Admin CP> Templates> Manage Templates> General> Header
  17. nhasian

    nhasian New Member

    incomplete instructions

    Hello Kami,

    I received the same instructions. unfortunately it is a lot more difficult because the instructions are incomplete.
  18. iswell

    iswell New Member

    Try this...
    Admin CP > Templates > Manage Groups > default > Settings > Company Name
  19. xfriday

    xfriday New Member

    Branding Free

    The PDFs generated from KB also have a link going to KAYAKO.COM though I have a branding free option license.
  20. MACscr

    MACscr New Member

    Did you ever get this issues resolved?

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