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Complete Persian/Farsi Translation Patch For Kayako Fusion, Engage & Resolve

Discussion in 'Offers' started by Reza Bahmanziari, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Reza Bahmanziari

    Reza Bahmanziari New Member

    Our team has developed a complete Persian/Farsi Translation solution to fully translating all sections of Kayako Fusion/Engage and Resolve (Client Support Center , Admin CP and Staff CP). In addition, all features are localized for Persian/Farsi Language such as Jalali calendar, Right-To-Left direction OF user interfaces and etc.

    Our solution works with the latest version of Kayako Fusion/Engage/Resolve (Now, V4.51.1891) and upcoming upgrades will be implemented in our solution to keep it update.

    This Solution will be offered within a small package that only will change files required and minimum change in original package will be applied.

    For further information, please visit our official site : Kayako Farsi
  2. lvafg

    lvafg New Member

    Hello Reza,

    Great work with the translation. We'd like to speak with you about this as soon as possible. We've sent an email to info@ikayako.com but didn't hear back. Please let us know how best to reach you.

  3. Solmaz

    Solmaz New Member

    سلام رضا. شما پک زبان فارسی برای نسخه 4.30 فیوژن را دارید؟
  4. Reza Bahmanziari

    Reza Bahmanziari New Member

    سلام. بله فکر میکنم موجود باشه
  5. Mehrshid

    Mehrshid New Member

    آقا رضا میشه بفرمائید فارسی ساز رو چطور میشه از شما دریافت کرد؟
  6. Reza Bahmanziari

    Reza Bahmanziari New Member

    version barnameye shoma chi hast?
  7. Reza Bahmanziari

    Reza Bahmanziari New Member

    doostani ke mayel be kharid bashan mitunan ba variz hazineye package farsi saz package kamel ro kharidari konan
  8. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi all

    We will be launching officially supported translations for Kayako soon. Persian is not going to be featured initially, but if there is already a fully translation out there, we can upload it to our translation portal and start supporting it sooner.

    Let me know if you'd like to share one.
  9. Mehrshid

    Mehrshid New Member

    Fusion Version 4.62
  10. Solmaz

    Solmaz New Member

    سلام رضا
    چجوری میتونم پک زبان برای Kayako Fusion v4.30 ازت بگیرم؟
  11. Reza Bahmanziari

    Reza Bahmanziari New Member

    با سلام فعلن تا ورژن 4.59 فارسی سازی شده
  12. Reza Bahmanziari

    Reza Bahmanziari New Member

    از ورژن اصلی استفاده میکنید شما؟
  13. AmirHossein

    AmirHossein New Member

    Hi mr.reza i need persian lang and rtl theme for Kayako.Fusion.v4.63.2.4559 ... if you have i ready to buy this from u ? how much in toman ? نسخه مال من ناله به فارسی نوشتم که بلوک نشیم ;)
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2014
  14. AmirHossein

    AmirHossein New Member

  15. AmirHossein

    AmirHossein New Member

  16. Bahareh

    Bahareh New Member

    من کایاکو را نصب کردم و دیتابیس قبلیمو برگردوندم اما الان نوشته ها همه بهم ریخته هست و فونتشون خراب شده
    چی کار کنم؟
  17. Armin

    Armin New Member

    سلام دوستان. من چطور میتونم پکیج فارسی ساز رو دریافت کنم؟ جایی واسه دانلود رایگان نیست؟
    Hi. How can I download the persian package? This link is just some kind of advertisement.

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