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contractor needed: Active Directory sync, plus other stuff

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Hans Martin, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Hans Martin

    Hans Martin New Member

    looking for a contractor with extensive knowledge in Kayako

    We are using Kayako for internal Helpdesk and we must make shure that all Active Directory users ars able to log in to Helpdesk. We can sync the usernames - but we cannot "sync" the passwords of AD users to Kayako. So we need someone who can setup AD Login for us.

    We also want to keep the same person busy on an ongoing basis for support, extensions, updates, customizations, tech. training / consulting of our own admin users, setting up workflows etc.
  2. supportskins

    supportskins Kayako Guru

    We can use the ready to use AD login module available at - http://forge.kayako.com/projects/ad-ldap-authenticator for your user login requirements while we have extensive knowledge about Kayako products and would be able to cater all your other requirements.

    Feel free to email us at sales AT supportskins [dot] com with your requirements.
  3. Andres Berdugo - Dewak

    Andres Berdugo - Dewak Experienced Member

    Dear Hans,

    Our company has more than 5 years of Kayako experience and we offer Kayako training, technical support, branding and custom development. We can help you setup the AD LoginShare so your users can use their directory credentials. If needed, we can also setup an unified-single login using NTLM or a custom authentication script.

    Please review our website www.dewak.com and send us an email to andres [at] dewak [dot] com with more details.

    Looking forward to doing business with you.
  4. KayakoSolutions

    KayakoSolutions Established Member

    Hello Hans,

    Our company specializes in help desk solutions as well as custom Service Desk development based on Kayako.

    We have an extensive experience in Kayako custom development, design, all kinds of integration and synchronization, support, configurations and upgrade. We definitely can setup AD Login for you and meet all your requirements.

    For more detailed information, please review our website www.kayako-solutions.com and feel free to contact us for further negotiations: info@kayako-solutions.com.

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