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    Please bring back the option from v4 that lets us control whether a new user verification email is sent from the help center.

    Here is the setting from "Settings: User accounts and organizations":
    "New registration email verification
    Verify new user registrations (in the support center) by sending an email with an activation link, to verify their registration and that their email address is correct."

    Ideally this setting would be matched with access to the template so we can have complete control over the contents of the verification email (if we decide to enable it).

    At the moment a new user verification email is sent out for all emails received from an email address for the first time, as well as when a new user account is created internally. This is problematic because most of our clients are already doing business with us and will be confused by a new registration email. Additionally, the footer of the email mentions it was delivered by Kayako. Nice to know, but we don't necessarily want to broadcast that fact to each customer that contacts us.

    Side note (bug): branding is currently not functioning for this email so if you are using multiple brands it will send from the system default brand - we have a case with support about this.

    These are unfortunately among the items preventing us from upgrading/migrating to the new version.
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