Costum FIleds Are not Useful ad they Was in V3

Discussion in 'Using your helpdesk' started by Amir, Apr 24, 2011.

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  1. Amir

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    Hi There .
    we had an upgrade from V3 to V4 about 2 months ago ,
    before upgrade i reviewed this Page :
    Important things that need reviewing after import
    after that i faced some new problems and they was not int that page ,
    custom fields are useless in many cases such as workflows , views , filters , reports
    so where can we use custom fields ? just using them to find some more information about a ticket when we open it ? so what about statistics ? what about ticket managements ? i have more than 500 tickets on my ESET License Department some of them are ESET Smart Security and some of them are ESET NOD32 Antivirus , how can i sort just one of the product types ?
    in all of them i have a license quantity i want to add the License Quantity in my views so i can make statistic report on my Licenses .
    every time , i post some Really Basic Requirements and Kayako Says it will be implemented or in most of the Cases Kayako Does not Care about the Post ( no Answer ) .
    in last 1 months i found many of Lacks in Fusion but i am not reporting them any more because my reports are not important , if they was at least one body from Kayako could post on them .
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