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Crash when exporting

Discussion in 'Kayako reports (Kayako Classic)' started by epaluyye, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. epaluyye

    epaluyye Member

    Hello everyone!

    I need your help. I have a problem when I do report's export with a lot of strings and columns. :( If I export in xlsx - errow "HTTP ERROR 500". If I export in csv - it is not work (Data don't separate on columns. And I see html tag <br> in 'Ticket Posts.Contents').

    My report:
    SELECT 'Tickets.Ticket ID', 'Tickets.Department', 'Tickets.Owner', 'Tickets.Type', 'Tickets.Priority', 'Tickets.Creation Mode', 'Tickets.Creation Date', 'Tickets.Resolved Date', CUSTOMFIELD('Tickets', 'ZZZ'), CUSTOMFIELD('Tickets', 'XXX'), CUSTOMFIELD('Tickets', 'YYY'), CUSTOMFIELD('Tickets', 'XYZ'), 'Tickets.User', 'Tickets.subject', 'Ticket Posts.Contents' from 'Tickets' where 'Tickets. Resolved Date':month=5 and 'Ticket Posts.Subject' not like '' (It is not more 200 strings). I can see this report in web and everythig seems good.

    Export work ok when:
    SELECT 'Tickets.Ticket ID', 'Ticket Posts.Contents' (It is about 1300 strings)
    At first I thought problem by reason of column 'Ticket Posts.Contents' but no.

    What I do wrong?

    Thank for any ideas!
  2. epaluyye

    epaluyye Member

    Looks sad...

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