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Creating a module: Hello World (Complete guide) for Kayako 3

Discussion in 'Customizing, extending and styling Kayako 3' started by Sheep, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

    Hi Saar,

    You cannot develop your own modules on the hosted platform; you will need to buy an Owned license to have access to the source code and host it yourself.
  2. sanjoyroy

    sanjoyroy New Member

    Can't see the 'HelloWorld' Tab

    Hello Sheep,

    I appreciate your time for this post. I have followed all the steps carefully that you have mentioned. I am not sure where I went wrong but I can't see the 'HelloWorld' Tab in staff panel nor I can see the 'HelloWorld" module in the support homepage.
    Any suggestion?
    I did cleared the cache in my browser (both IE and FF).
    Any help or comments will be highly appreciated.
  3. Sheep

    Sheep New Member

    Yep ! Try to upload the modified files !

    /joke OFF

    Do the mod infos get displayed on the the setup>modify page ?
  4. joshuah

    joshuah New Member


    It doesn't appear for me in the setup --> modify page?
  5. ikuohs

    ikuohs New Member

    step 21

    hi, i'm newbie and i've tried to follow the steps on this thread but it seems like i still stucks on step 21... i don't know where to add those lines...

    could someone please explain to me more details about step 21?

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