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Completed Custom field that is required on ticket close/resolve

Discussion in 'Kayako product feedback and suggestions' started by Gutriman, May 24, 2012.

  1. Gutriman

    Gutriman New Member

    I want to create a custom field (Root cause) that will be a mandatory field to fill when closing a ticket. Is that possible?

    Thanks all.
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  2. Korla_Plankton

    Korla_Plankton Established Member

    We have a custom field that says whether or not a customer is eligible for credit when we have an outage. We don't necessarily know if they're eligible when we're creating the ticket (but we are contractually obliged to create it within a certain amount of time) but we definitely have to know before we close it.

    If there a way to prevent closing a ticket without a certain custom field being populated? Maybe a workflows thing? As far as I understand the "Is Required" option in custom tickets applies only to creating tickets. Please correct me if I wrong.

    Thank you
  3. Gurpreet Singh

    Gurpreet Singh Staff Member

    There should be some custom fields available in the help desk in which staff must insert appropriate data before closing the ticket. As of now, Custom Fields are for Ticket Creation not for Ticket Closure.
  4. jcorreia

    jcorreia Established Member

  5. esowers

    esowers Established Member

  6. +1 We miss a custom field group "on ticket resolve (staff)"
  7. James McCann

    James McCann Established Member

    Looking to have a solution tab added to the ticket.

    This is required to be filled out upon ticket closure. Easier to track what resolved the ticket. Currently having to send confirmation email to customer or add notes.
  8. Alan.H

    Alan.H New Member


    we are new Customers of Kayako resolve, using it to manage our company- internal IT customer requests.
    We are missing a Feature of solution tracking too, the thread opener is describing the needs well, i woud describe our needs a bit more detailed:

    When a Customer Ticket is resolved where the User can know the whole solution steps done its ok, you can post the solution as reply.
    But if you want track further solution steps in the ticket for Staff only (for example serverside made operations that interessts well the staff for future troubleshooting of the same problem but not the user)
    you have only the posibility to use the notes. Other Helpdesk/ticket solutions have a own, well made solution funktion for staff internal throubleshooting that we woud like to have it in kayako too.
    But it seems
    a) the notes are not indexed in the search function
    b) in a separate solution funkton or tab the solution information would be clear arranged and searchable

    Sincerly yours

  9. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

    In version 4.50 you can have private replies, these are therefore indexed but not sent or visible to customers/users.

    As for an actual solutions tab, I would be interested, but it would need the flexibility of custom fields as well and mandatory before close fields etc.

    I guess it could be a custom module created. But this would not be indexed for search, but a custom module could include a search function I guess.
  10. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    How does "private replies" work?
  11. James McCann

    James McCann Established Member

    Hi Matey check this out:- 'While replying to a ticket, you can make it "Private". This feature is exclusively for the staff users. The staff users will be able to see the post, but the client user will not. The client will neither receive any ticket update at his registered email address, nor at Client Support Center. You can make a ticket "Private" while "Replying" or "Forwarding" it' extracted from here - http://wiki.kayako.com/display/DOCS/Viewing and handling a ticket
  12. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    Thanks for the instructions and link, but why isn't this info one click away or at least some hint in a mouseover tooltip?
    We shouldn't have to search the wiki every time to locate simple answers on how Kayako works.
  13. James McCann

    James McCann Established Member

    Well, if you want tooltips then perhaps you need to add a feature request, as you've taken my feature request off topic. :confused:
  14. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    Well, we shouldn't have to ask for tooltips or integrated help links. With that in mind, your suggestion has a .0001% chance of being considered unless you want to pay someone for a custom add-in. :rolleyes:
  15. James McCann

    James McCann Established Member

  16. Alan.H

    Alan.H New Member

    Let me take the conversation a little gone off topic back to my initial request:

    We have updated Kayako and it turns out that the private Reply is a util new feature. We use it now as workaround.
    But it chance nothing to the inital feature request: A separate Resolution Tab with advanced solution tracking capability (for example also convert a solution to a staff knoweledge base article, linked to the original ticket)
  17. kwalken

    kwalken New Member

    This would be a very useful feature. Being able to report on these custom fields will really help drive quality.
  18. Allan Ross

    Allan Ross Member

    Looking for almost exactly the same thing here. We have a custom field for duration of an outage and we have a contractual obligation to report monthly on total outage times. I can't find a way to require that a technician enter the outage time prior to closing the ticket.

    As Anderson about notes, a custom field group that contained multiple required fields would also have value.

    This must exist and I'm just not seeing it. Right?
  19. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

    Unfortunetly this does not exist.

    It would be a great addition, along with the Solution Tab that has been discussed within the Features Request Forum. If you could have all these mandatory before close fields on a Solution Style Tab, it would be very easy for staff to get used to what needs to be completed before a ticket can be closed.

    Of course the other consideration is Auto Close rules and how they are impacted by such a requirement. but I am sure the Auto Close rule/process could be made to close tickets anyway or if it was possible to have these mandatory fields on a perticulat ticket type then ignore all of this type for auto close.
  20. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi there,

    if your self hosted, you can change the base files to add in this requirement.

    the basic code you will need to add will be the following
    ( Note you will need to alter '4' to the customfieldid of the field you wish to ensure is filled in, you will also need to alter the ==3 to the statusid which is your "closed status" )

    file: class.Controller_Ticket.php
    version: 4.51.1891

    Near line 681, there is the general submit function, just under this code:

      if (!$this->GetIsClassLoaded()) {
       throw new SWIFT_Exception(SWIFT_CLASSNOTLOADED);
       return false;
    Add the following:
                $customcheck = '';
      $this->Database->Query("SELECT fieldvalue FROM " . TABLE_PREFIX . "customfieldvalues WHERE customfieldid = '4' AND typeid = '" . $_ticketID . "'");
      while ($this->Database->NextRecord())
                        $customcheck = $this->Database->Record['fieldvalue'];
                if (isset($_POST['genticketstatusid']) && !empty($_POST['genticketstatusid'])) {
                    if ($_POST['genticketstatusid'] == 3 && empty($customcheck)) {
                    echo 'You cannot close the ticket right now, you need to fill in custom field xx'; 
                    return false;
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