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Custom Fields

Discussion in 'Style and design' started by bigtooth, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. bigtooth

    bigtooth Member

    2 questions - hopefully someone can answer.

    1) Is there a way to make the custom fields CHECKBOXES horizontal instead of vertical on the Support Center ticket page? Now, as it is, if you have 10 checkboxes for a question, they are vertical. Is there a way to make them horizontal?

    2) Is there a way to turn a custom field into a hyper link? Just one of them, not all of them. For example (not what I am doing here but...) If one of the TEXTAREA boxes says
    "what city do you live in?" [TEXT BOX ANSWER]
    And if they enter "Dallas" then it hyper links to http://weather.com/city=dallas
    I realize that isn't the correct URL for weather searing, but it gives you the idea of what I am trying to do.
  2. bigtooth

    bigtooth Member

    OK - I have figured out #1
    It is actually in the ADMIN --> Templates and is an easy fix. Just in case anyone ever needs the answer, here is is.

    Admin CP ---> Templates --> General --> customfields
    Go to around line 21 and you will see:

    <label for="<{$_customField[fieldname]}>[<{$optionkey}>]"><input type="checkbox" id="<{$_customField[fieldname]}>[<{$optionkey}>]" name="<{$_customField[fieldname]}>[<{$optionkey}>]" value="<{$_customFieldOption[value]}>"<{if $_customFieldOption[checked] == 1}> checked<{/if}> /> <{$_customFieldOption[title]}></label> <br />

    Just remove the final <br /> and it will keep them from breaking down and that will move them horizontally.

    Now, back to trying to answer #2.

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