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Custom Tab, Custom Button

Discussion in 'Developing, APIs and extending' started by Joe_1, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Joe_1

    Joe_1 New Member


    I seem to be struggling a little with the sequence of adding a Custom Tab, followed by a Custom Button.

    I want to achieve the following:

    - Custom Tab on View Ticket Page (via staff_tickets_viewtickettab.hook)
    - Add Custom Buttons to the Custom Tab
    - Custom Buttons will call javascript functions
    - Add HTML to the content area of the Custom Tab

    I have created/installed an application, I have the hook and controller.

    Where I am having problems:

    In the Hook:

    $tabCRM = $this->UserInterface->AddTab('CRM', 'icon_tickets.png', 'crm', false, false, 4);
    $this->UserInterface->Toolbar->AddButton('View Quotes', 'icon_bulbon.gif');

    This creates the Tab, but adds the Button to the General Tab, rather than the custom tab.

    Can someone explain the correct sequence/objects that I should be calling to do this? Or post an example.

  2. Joe_1

    Joe_1 New Member

    I'll respond to myself in case others need the solution

    $tabCRM = $this->UserInterface->AddTab();

    Is the order

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