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Discussion in 'Feedback and suggestions' started by Phil R, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Phil R

    Phil R Established Member

    We currently utilise PagerDuty within our helpdesk. This drives out-of-core-hours altering for our top two priority tiers. To add complication, if / when this alerts is also based on the department and the assigned user group. Finally, the event is also important, limiting them to new customer replies and priority changes "to" an associated priority.

    It's not going to be possible to use the "Endpoints" functionality directly to integrate with PagerDuty.

    Whilst the endpoint functionality does support authentication, this looks to only be HTTP Basic (it's unclear if this will support Digest auth, but that's not relevant to this scenario anyway).

    PagerDuty authentication is covered under We cannot use this as the Token method us unsupported in Endpoints, but also the important Accept header cannot be sent (whilst not important this minute, any new development of the PD API will need this to ensure we call the correct API version).

    This would leave routs of using Zapier or Email Endpoints.

    Email endpoints will work. They are a fallback that I can see and are provided across almost all Triggers (read as, I have not looked at them all, yet).

    Zapier looks to be more problematic though.

    I note that Kayako is now available in the Zapbook, so I can see the Triggers and such.

    I can't see the full details yet, but the triggers do not seem to cover all possible scenarios.

    Just an example.

    Customer or Agent updates the properties of a case, so that priority is now in the top tier (or put simpler, into a condition that we would want to trigger PagerDuty). No reply is made, just a property change.

    Zapier integration right now cannot handle this as far as I can see.

    I know Gary has already highlighted that you are already considering review of the Zapier triggers/searches/actions, but wondering if this is covered as part of it?

    I am wondering if there is a case for a three new triggers "Custom Case event", "Custom User event" & "Custom Organization event". Events that can be triggered by an "Action" on a Kayako Trigger, but only when the event source is appropriate, such as Case, User or Organisation.

    This alone would allow use of what is clearly greater trigger conditions in Kayako, without needing to develop too many more trigger events in Zapier.

    There are a whole host of additional suggestions I could make to go with this, such as the trigger action allowing a tag to be submitted (simple string) and the custom trigger in Zapier to have a filter that requires said tag string to trigger it (e.g. Kayako condition asks for a string and I put "PDGold", the custom Trigger in Zapier asks for a filter condition in which I put "PDGold").
  2. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi Phil,

    At the moment in Zapier, we had to remove 3 triggers ( case updated, user updated, org updated ), we will of course be adding these back, but we need to resolve some issues with them before we can do so. We did not want that to stop the app from being published for customers, which is why we removed them. I think those triggers alone would resolve the issue with Zapier.

    I will also have a word with the devs around the API authentication, as it would be handy if endpoint usage was possible too.

  3. Phil R

    Phil R Established Member

    Indeed it would be much better. However, that will spring its own complications...... expect a post on this monumentally ;)

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