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Customize auto reply email

Discussion in 'Style and design' started by Luc Barendrecht, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. Luc Barendrecht

    Luc Barendrecht New Member

    Hi everyone,

    We use Kayako for sales purposes and the current auto reply email does not display the information we want. I have gone into every settings menu I could find but it does not seem to appear anywhere. I've also read that this first auto reply email cannot be changed within the standard codes unless we let someone build it. Is this correct?

    It currently looks like this:

    Mail subject







    Employee (Owner):





    Template group:



    Reply due:

    Resolution due:

    Customer email text...........

    Does someone know if there is a solution within Kayako for this without spending money on programmers?
    Not that there is no money available, just that my manager is going to ask me this question and before I know the answer he is not going to invest any resources into letting someone build a solution.

    Thank you in advance!

    Luc Barendrecht
    IT Creation (Netherlands)
  2. supportskins

    supportskins Kayako Guru

    You simply need to modify the template to change the content of the auto responder. You can do that under:

    Admin CP > Templates > Tickets
  3. Luc Barendrecht

    Luc Barendrecht New Member

    This is exactly what I've tried.
    The auto reply e-mail is not one that can be found here.
    I've done some research and read that the auto reply e-mail cannot be edited.
    See the image attached please.

    Attached Files:

  4. supportskins

    supportskins Kayako Guru

    Rebuild your software cache after making changes to the email based templates.
  5. Luc Barendrecht

    Luc Barendrecht New Member

    As stated I dont know which template that would be, which template should we change?
    Can you specify the command to rebuild the cache?

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