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Dashboard for realtime stats and reports

Discussion in 'Kayako reports (Kayako Classic)' started by StuartBrown, Sep 17, 2014.


Would you be interested in purchasing a Dashboard app for Kayako?

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  1. StuartBrown

    StuartBrown Member

    We are in the process of creating a Dashboard to view real time stats and reports rather than have to run them manually all the time.

    We'd like to know if others would be interested in purchasing this module if we developed it further for external use.

    It would initially be a separate browser tab that Staff, Managers and Business Owners could view to quickly see things like:-

    • Average Response Time
    • Time for First Response
    • Average time to Close/Solve a ticket
    • Graph for Tags
    • Ticket stats by Tech, Type, Category, Status etc
    • Ticket stats for this week compared to last week
    • Ticket stats for this month compared to last month and the same month last year
    • Time worked / Time Billed
    • Time used/remaining based on client setting

    We have found that creating and running reports using KQL isn't as straightforward as it should be and the reports aren't very nice to view. We need to quickly see which clients are raising the most tickets, what issues are trending, how quickly our staff are responding and how much time clients have used from their monthly allowance. We'd also like an instant comparison view between this week and last week and this month compared to last month. We don't want to manually run these reports, we want all our key stats on one page, up to date as we view it.

    If you are interested please post your replies/comments queries here.

  2. Torbjörn S.

    Torbjörn S. Reputed Member


    I would be interested in this solution.
    We need to run it on our own servers because we are behind firewalls. I'd be happy to try it out and test if you have anything.
    Thanks in advance.
  3. Ryan M

    Ryan M New Member

    I too would be interested in this.

    Running v4.67.0 here if you need testing on the latest version
  4. StuartBrown

    StuartBrown Member

    We are developing this for external use now and hope to have something available in a few weeks time.
  5. Ryan M

    Ryan M New Member

    Will this utilize the API? or the MySQL DB? or have options for both?
  6. StuartBrown

    StuartBrown Member

    It's using the API
  7. sby

    sby Established Member

    I too would be interested in this.
  8. Floyd

    Floyd Member

  9. Ryan Reinsch

    Ryan Reinsch New Member

    Hi Stuart,
    Do you have any ETA on the release date? We are really interested in your solution.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  10. DJ Alex

    DJ Alex New Member

    Hi there,

    sounds great! So we have all month the problem, that we must look, how much time we have per customer and print out them very complicated from kayako itselfes.
  11. Joan Aparicio

    Joan Aparicio New Member

    Hey there!

    Also interested here!! Would be really nice to have a quick view of service key points,

  12. Kay_User

    Kay_User Member

    This would be a huge improvement for our Management. Very interested!
  13. Aledent

    Aledent New Member

    I would be interested as well !
  14. Santiago

    Santiago Member

    Can you please post an screenshot or preview?

  15. iangessey

    iangessey Established Member

    Is this still in production?
  16. StuartBrown

    StuartBrown Member

    We are still looking at providing this but due to the complexity of the Kayako database it is proving much more time consuming than we had initially bargained for. So unfortunately I don't have an ETA (I'd love to have it done soon as we really need the functionality) but general day to day stuff as always takes priority. :-(
  17. iangessey

    iangessey Established Member

  18. llatimer

    llatimer New Member

    I am intrested
  19. Jon Coy

    Jon Coy New Member

    Very interested!
  20. iangessey

    iangessey Established Member

    In the end i have settled for a quick but not TOO dirty approach using Excel.
    Install MySql for Excel and create an ODBC link.
    Then represent the data you require in a Pivot chart.
    Seems to work for me as we can run Excel in fullscreen.
    I just used the swtickets table.

    It may help you out if you fancy this approach.
    If you need other data on there such as weather feeds, just use an =webservice() formula in a cell and filter the XML off with the FILTERXML command.
    The data feed refreshes every minute which is fine for us...the webservice refreshes MANUALLY so a workaround required for updates on that part...

    Screenshot below.


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