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Dashboard for realtime stats and reports

Discussion in 'Kayako reports (Kayako Classic)' started by StuartBrown, Sep 17, 2014.


Would you be interested in purchasing a Dashboard app for Kayako?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Joe Graw

    Joe Graw Established Member

    All, we found a very useful dashboard tool that gives us exactly what we were looking for at our company. The software is called Klipfolio (http://klipfolio.com/) and costs $20 per month for a user. Using this, I was easily able to generate near real time dashboards using a combination of the kayako restapi as well as KQL scheduled reports. I would suggest giving this a try if people are interested.
  2. RiaanMaree

    RiaanMaree New Member

    Any update on this feature? We urgently need this to monitor on help desk staff performance.
  3. Joe Graw

    Joe Graw Established Member

    Riaan. Kayako has not provided any ETA on this feature so we are assuming it will never be a part of the product. This is why we purchased a subscription to Klipfolio which gave us exactly what we were looking for in terms of dashbaord displays. We integrated it into kayako very easily.
  4. Do you have any exanples for Klipfolio i am having issues connecting to the API
  5. Rob Courteaux

    Rob Courteaux New Member

    We have recently integrated a Business Intelligence tool with the Kayako database. Grids for grouping and massaging ticket data, graphs for many key metrics. Very easy to use. It is available on our hosted platform for other Kayako users to license.... all that is needed, is a connection to your MYSQL database. Fees start at $22/month - Free 30 day trial.
    Call 519-969-9943 Ext 222.
  6. Dirk Meij

    Dirk Meij New Member

    Hi We are interested aswel. How to proceed?
  7. achu

    achu New Member

    I am interested.
  8. danielosasp

    danielosasp New Member

    Very Good !!!

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