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Differing results

Discussion in 'Kayako reports (Kayako Classic)' started by Peter_K, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Peter_K

    Peter_K Member

    At the moment I have a requirement to closely monitor staff results. However, I find that a manual count via the activity logs returns different results than a report being run for the last seven days showing the results by day.

    SELECT COUNT(*) AS Total FROM 'Tickets' WHERE 'Tickets.Is Resolved' = '1' AND 'Tickets.Resolved Date'>= mktime(0,0,0,01,01,2018) and 'Tickets.Resolved Date' <= mktime(11, 59, 59, 01, 07, 2018)GROUP BY X('Tickets.Resolved Date':Week), X('Tickets.Resolved Date':DayName), Y('Tickets.Owner')

    The difference in total can be significant. Why would this be the case?
  2. Peter_K

    Peter_K Member

    Additionally, when I schedule the report it arrives with the days out of sequence, when online it shows as Monday to Sunday as it should
  3. Peter_K

    Peter_K Member

    Also to muddy the waters still further, if I run the following report to give me the total tickets per department I get 5120 for the week

    Select count('Tickets.Ticket Mask ID') as Total from 'Tickets'
    where 'Tickets.Creation Date' >= mktime(0, 0, 0, 01, 08, 2018)
    and 'Tickets.Creation Date' <= mktime(11, 59, 59, 01, 14, 2018) group by 'Tickets.Email Queue'

    However, the initial report for staff ticket numbers above only gives me a total of 1118

    So we're about 4000 in the difference with no apparent reason, we certainly don' t have 4000 ticket unaccounted for

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