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Completed Do away with the ticket preview animation

Discussion in 'Kayako product feedback and suggestions' started by NC Software, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    The animation of the ticket preview hint is not only distracting but it causes problems. I suggest just have it appear in place. It affects the clickability of the ticket, there are times you click the ticket and it doesn't open as I think it's a conflict with this annoying ticket preview system.

    As I've mentioned before, the bright yellow with light text is also not an ideal combination.
  2. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    It seems that the animation is only in IE and not FF. FF it's fine, it appears directly below the ticket subject. If you're going to have bright yellow then please use black text color.

    In IE the animation goes from top left to lower right direction to land at the final point below the subject. The problem is this animation path crosses the subject so if you go to click to view the ticket while this animation is going on it won't work, it's frustrating and requires multiple clicks. Also appears to have a fade in effect in IE and this doesn't always complete so I end up with an unreadable ticket preview.

    Can we please do away with the fancy and just make it functional?
  3. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.


    I Only Use IE and I dont have any issues like you describe.

    In saying that I have NO animation or preview, I wonder if it is a setting that I might have disabled?
  4. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    I see it sometimes in IE9 and Chrome. It's not consistent.
  5. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    Same here.
    Occassionally the preview also stays on for multiple tickets with the last preview transparent and the others as normal.
  6. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    Ticket preview needs to be optimized. This is what I would suggest (after years of being a Kayako customer).

    1- Do not start preview on hover. Why? Because we are constantly hovering over windows. It's human nature. And that doesn't mean I want to see a preview of 20 tickets in 1 second. Also, if you hover over the page by accident you get a big load jump, specially on tickets that have a big last post. It even freezes up the system as described by other users on this thread.
    --> solution: I would only show preview if I click on something, like on the tag simbol. Only show if I want it to show. Not on hover. Unnessesary load with hover. IT's just not intelligent.

    2- The all yellow colors makes me nautious, too.
    --> solution: Just white bg and black text does the trick. It's all about seeing things clearly and fast, and only when I want to.

    3- The preview remains on, interfering with normal navigation. Really I don't see how anyone can use the actual preview system. It makes everything worse, allthough it's supposed to help.
    --> solution: Do not use hover, again, only active preciew on user action, like clicking an existing icon (like in version 3, the date icon) and use a close X window or when another preview is opened close any opened ones.

    I think these solutions will make the preview ticket actually helpfull and even a fundamental feature that makes Kayako stand out from others. The current preview ticket system is not as good as Kayako is. It's sloppy. So let's make it better !!!

  7. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    I like the hover vs. click but a small column with a magnifying glass indicating if you hover or click it will show a preview would be a nice compromise. Yes, I see tremendous loads at times too, delays in hovering, as we don't strip any HTML any more.
  8. abates

    abates Established Member

    +1 to no animation, just a pop up.

    Might I add that I'd be happy to see it editable (colours, styles, bubble, etc). If it is, I guess I just haven't found it yet.
  9. Ken Lignelli

    Ken Lignelli New Member

    Ticket Preview has a memory leak, and eventually (after about 10-15 minutes of using KF) causes it to be so slow to navigate, users have to kill the browser/tab and re-login again to KF to start new. We had to turn this feature off. The feature itself even implies there is a memory leak:
    "Enable Post Preview in Ticket List
    Description: Display a post preview when hovering over a ticket within the Staff Control Panel. If operating a heavy usage support desk, it is recommended that this option be disabled."

    Please provide a patch for this bug, as we want the feature, but have it disabled for now. The bug is likely in that you aren't cleaning up after the onMouseOver().
  10. Kay_User

    Kay_User Member

  11. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi all

    We'll get this fixed.
  12. Ralf Koch

    Ralf Koch New Member


    it's still not fixed in the current version. Adding a

    html {
    overflow-y: scroll;

    to the staff CSS fixes at least large previews, which make the vertical scrollbar appear and "popping" the ticket list, which makes it sometimes nearly impossible to click some tickets - but still the problem exists that hovering over several tickets right after each other, might open multiple previews on top of each other. This is really annoying......
  13. derrickjay

    derrickjay New Member

    Same here.
    Occassionally the preview also stays on for multiple tickets with the last preview transparent and the others as normal.
  14. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    I suggest to Kayako complete remove the ticket preview system as you have it and START OVER. You have the talent to do this right. The kayako system is well done short of this one area. You have the ability, now let's go back to the drawing board and enhance this system and make it shine.

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