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Documentation for Kayako classic api

Discussion in 'Developing, APIs and extending' started by B3rt, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. B3rt

    B3rt New Member


    Is there somewhere a documentation for Kayako Classic api available?

    The links within kayako redirect to an non existing link, the info i can find is for the new kayako.
    https://kayako.atlassian.net/wiki/display/DEV/REST - Ticket

    I still have a old classic version running with API and i which to change something but i cannot find any documentation anymore of this system.

    Who has a API documentation or a link to it?
    Note: it is for the CLASSIC version, not the v1 version.
  2. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

  3. sholbert

    sholbert New Member

    Hi Kayako Guru -
    Are you able to provide Kayako backend server administrator consulting service and are you in the US? We are looking for a member that can help us trouble shoot our server setup with classic and are finding it difficult to locate someone. It appears that Jamie Edwards would have the skill we are looking for. If you provide consulting service can you contact me at 717-730-0127 Ext 1 - we are located in US EST time zone.

    Can you see post by Scott Rutzmoser (posted today) - our site is down and the following work tasks were tried to get it up and running.
    I went through the following steps/tasks to troubleshoot the problem - with no resolution - site is still not behaving. Helpdesk site was working on Sunday (with no issue for the last 6 months) then went down on MOnday of this week.
    Uninstall apache web server
    Uninstall php5.6
    Re-install and reconfigure both.
    Check and re-checked all of the web config file for paconnects.org

    Install a landing page https://paconnects.org/ which works
    Installed a test php page https://paconnects.org/phpinfo.php this works also

    The paconnects site can be tested by visiting
    it sometimes works sometimes doesn't, I have been able to login to the main page but not the admin page

    PHP is communicating with MSQL and the page sometimes renders
  4. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    That's a title based on time as a member here, and not something to denote staff or expertise.

    Forum help mainly, but in the Eastern US.
    If you look at his forum signature, he moved on when the company was acquired.

    Did you know the certificate on that site appears to be expired, as of the 2oth?
    [edit]Different browser showing different info. Disregard.

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