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Email handling questions

Discussion in 'Upgrading to the new Kayako' started by Phil R, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. Phil R

    Phil R Established Member

    I am trying to understand the characteristics of the new platform on email handling.

    In reality, I am unsure if what we are doing with V4 is a feature, or an unintended side effect of the design. However, we are using them as a feature, so looking to ensure we know what is happening and even if we should submit a case for improvement.

    We offer a 100% closed support platform. Our enterprise support is subscription only and for customers to get the best support from us, cases must be submitted by client login to Kayako. That is, we do not support new tickets via email, save for our deployments team (who a law unto themselves :p).

    The benefits of this ensure they are raising a case to the the appropriate department, with the correct priority and so on. The priority is key, as it hooks into our integrations and Pagerduty to activate the Bat Phone.

    Once raised, customers are encouraged to reply to the auto-responder to CC in appropriate parties. This often includes a group address and allows any party of their Ops teams to respond, much the same way that Kayako facilitates any member of our support team to respond.

    So the question is, does new Kayako provide the same functionality.

    As in, on receipt of the Case auto-responder, can a party reply with additional recipient as a CC, which are automatically added to the ticket?
  2. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hey Phil,

    I will need to test this, but yes it should, the new Kayako records who each message was sent to, so you can go back over time and see each recipient for each message for a conversation.


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