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Not planned Email parser rule to search email body for an email and set the ticket user to matching user

Discussion in 'Kayako product feedback and suggestions' started by Dylan Lindgren, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Dylan Lindgren

    Dylan Lindgren Established Member

    Hi all,

    This may be something that is only applicable to our environment, however I thought I'd post it in here to see if it's something other people want also.

    We have a lot of automated emails that come into our Helpdesk alerting us about users, say, requesting a website to be released that was blocked by our proxy, or requesting a laptop for loan. These emails are all sent from the one email address, and obviously every time we get one of these emails (probably about 10 per day on average) we have to go to the edit tab, change the user, delete any CC users and then action the ticket. It's a little annoying.

    It would be cool if we could setup a rule where we say if the email is from address loancontrol@domain.com, search in the body of the email for the email address at this exact location (via a regex - all the emails are formed from the same template so setting this up should be easy) and set the user of the ticket to the one with that same email address. Possibly we could do the same with username (if username is in the body of the email) or Full Name (if their full name is in the body of the email).

    See below image for an example ticket that's created by one of these automated emails. We would like it if the ticket user wasn't loancontrol@... rather it be dzl@... (or whatever the email address is inside of the email field in the body of the email).


    Any thoughts on this idea, or +1's would be appreciated :)

    Kind regards,

  2. I kind of have a similar issue. Field reps submit tickets to my group on behalf of customers and we want to change the email address to the customer's email. We try to do this in the edit tab, but the email field does not auto complete, and there is no easy place to copy-paste the email address from.

    Would be curious if anyone could assist.
  3. Timj

    Timj New Member

    Any update on Advanced Mail Parser?

    This is major feature missing from Kayako, would allow easy integration from other systems.

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