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Completed Enhance Time Tracking

Discussion in 'Kayako product feedback and suggestions' started by MobileNow, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. MobileNow

    MobileNow Reputed Member

    I would like to request 2 enhancements to K4's time tracking:

    1) There should be an admin option to require staff members to enter time tracking on tickets.

    2) There should also be an option to enable Automatic Time Tracking base on a ticket status and the audit log.

    For example, with #2, I should be able to create a status named "In Progress" and tell K4 to use this status for computing automatic time tracking. Then, whenever a ticket's status is changed from In Progress to something else, it should generate a time track entry based off the current time and when the entry was originally put into "In Progress".
  2. StevenSheeley

    StevenSheeley New Member

    +1 to this request
  3. Paul_Concep

    Paul_Concep Member

    +1 this sounds like a great idea.
  4. scravid

    scravid Established Member

    +1 from me. Would be nice to see this implemented.
  5. bhodges

    bhodges Established Member

    +1 Time tracking and reporting are very important to us, but also very lacking in v3/v4
  6. silebis

    silebis Established Member

    you have my vote
  7. netplus

    netplus Member

    +1 for me too!
  8. DavePB

    DavePB Member

    It is the bane of my life reminding my staff to fill in the time spent on a ticket - surprised it is not in V4 and surely it wouldn't be too difficult to implement - it is possible to make other fields 'required'.
  9. stevenutt

    stevenutt Established Member

    +1 from me, that would be excellent.
  10. web-vision

    web-vision Member

    +1 and a +5 if a js-based timer app (with pause, comments, etc - like cerberus 5 has)
  11. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

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