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error while sending EMail in V3. Does V4 handle that better?

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Armin.Horst, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Armin.Horst

    Armin.Horst Established Member

    we are still on V3 and had some issues today with emails being lost, replies through the Web-Interface were not sent or the notification was sent only to one staff user
    We are sending through an external mail server with SSL, I guess the main problem is in connectivity between the Kayako-Server and this Mail-Server. which is not Kayako's fault...
    My problem is that V3 does not give any error message and you do not really know if the email was sent or not.

    Question is: is this situation handled a bit better in V4? Ìf it fails to deliver the mail via SMTP in my opinion it should jump back to the "reply"-page and show an error message.

    How do other configure outgoing EMail? SMTP or php-mail.
    Our server is running on Linux and only used for Kayako. is it better to send through a local MTA?

  2. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi Armin,

    In v3 XPM was used as the SMTP engine for kayako, but in v4 we are now using swiftmailer, which is a much better SMTP engine. The current config is that swiftmail waits for "confirmation" the email was sent, before going back to the ticket list. So if there is a connection problem, your staff will simply notice a long delay after pressing reply, or eventually an error will be displayed if it actually outright fails.

  3. Armin.Horst

    Armin.Horst Established Member

    thanks for the quick response
    I'll check if a local postfix can handle the emails for me until I have enough time to roll out V4

    Unfortunately installing V4 is quite a bit of work ... need to update Linux => PHP 5.3.8 => require ionCube instead of Zend, mysql with innodb => mysqlhotbackup only supports myisam => install percona-xtrabackup, your notification variables patch and make new templates, tinyMCE patch, ...

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