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Export Kayako for import into a new system

Discussion in 'Technical chat' started by Torbjörn S., Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Torbjörn S.

    Torbjörn S. Reputed Member


    We are about to move from kayako to a new system.
    I need help and documentation on how to export the database or similar to be able to imort it to the new system.
    What tables do I need and how should I export them?
    I need some kind of schema so that the new supplier can import into the new system.

    I have made a ticket about this also but I thought that if someone here can help out it would be great and if not I can add the info from kayako to help others in the future.
  2. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    You'd be best off asking the system you're moving *to* for help migrating away. They'd be highly motivated to assist you, where the "losing" system would not be.
  3. Torbjörn S.

    Torbjörn S. Reputed Member

    Yes, the answers to my ticket has only contained steps to backup the database before migrating to v5, info that "all tables are interlinked" and questions about why I'm not going for V5 (Theres many reasons for that, especially when comparing to the system we are moving to.

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