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Fatal Error: client_tickets.php

Discussion in 'Kayako 3 Forums' started by arrowhire, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. arrowhire

    arrowhire New Member

    ARGH! "Fatal error: ERROR"


    I have setup supportsuite, and it seems to be working perfectly
    (great bit of software btw!)

    apart from the link to view the ticket in the clients email.

    When the client recieves the auto reply, which says you can view this ticket at http://blah blah

    when you click on it, it states you have to log in. Once you enter the login details it logs you in and comes up with this error:

    "Fatal error: ERROR: You do not have access to this ticket. in D:\www\modules\tickets\client_tickets.php on line 119"

    Can anyone help me? this shows up even when the client is logged in.

    Many thanks in advance!!
  2. heypresto

    heypresto New Member

    We're getting the same now - any ideas?
  3. wancom

    wancom New Member

    Fatal error: ERROR: You do not have access to this ticket. ...client_tickets.php on l

    I am getting this same error. I only see this error when a user emails a ticket. If they open the ticket through the GUI it works as it should.
  4. BWS

    BWS New Member

    I've had issues with browsers causing this as well, (I've got general login issues that I have a ticket open for, that seem to be going on forever and a day anyway!).

    If a user clicks the link in the email they get that message and can then login with their username and password, in Internet Explorer - if they use Firefox it just repeatedly shows that message!
  5. heypresto

    heypresto New Member

    We fixed the problem we were having by making the email address for all the user's tickets lower case. I'm wondering if it's not case sensitive when it gets the list of tickets, but when it retrieves a specific ticket and does it's security checks, it was failing on the email address due to the mixed case.
  6. wancom

    wancom New Member

    Case sens

    That is it. I edited my user email and can now open the ticket. We are using MS AD integration - I am hoping Kayako will fix this bug so I dont have to manually edit all of my users email addresses
  7. Doug I.

    Doug I. New Member

    You guys should report this in their bugs forum at bugs.kayako.net
  8. gasxtreme

    gasxtreme New Member

    We are having this problem, and more:

    I checked, the email account was lowercase to begin with, and I even re-typed it in lowercase and saved it just to make sure, and we will get an error....

    Any help?

    Thank You!
    Happy Holidays! :)
  9. erikcw

    erikcw New Member

    I'm having this problem as well. The email is all lower case - doesn't seem to make a difference!
  10. adapter

    adapter New Member


    when i try to access from web to see a ticket that i have open i get this error:

    Fatal error: you can't view this ticket. in /home/user/public_html/support/modules/tickets/client_tickets.php on line 120

  11. neorder

    neorder New Member

  12. neorder

    neorder New Member

    bump, how you guys solve this problem?
  13. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

    Hi there,

    Can you be a little more specific? What version are you running? Are you clicking on an e-mail link to the ticket?
  14. bluewebco

    bluewebco Established Member

    -Are you clicking on an e-mail link to the ticket? - Yes.

    Try logging out of staff or admin before visiting the link. Alternatively, try a fresh browser.

    It seems to be an error caused by SupportSuite's interpretation of access permissions. I have come to it as a by-product of not seeing certain new tickets in staff cp, which I am still working on.
  15. lshaw

    lshaw New Member

    We are starting to experience this issue also. Users can access some tickets, but not others. I have even checked the Database to make sure that the Userids, and Emails were correct. This is an issue with tickets emailed in, and also a few are Staff created via the Staff CP. The code is checking the Userid, and Email of the user that is logged in to those for the ticket in the Database. These users are set as Managers for their User Groups also (different users, and different User Groups). This seems to be the only common item.

    This has nothing to do with the link from the email. I have logged out of Staff and/or Admin CPs prior to attempting to log in as the user.
  16. lshaw

    lshaw New Member

    Another quick note about this issue:

    This seems to be specific to certain tickets for All the users in the User Group. Every user that is in a particular User Group are set as Managers, and none of their accounts can view these tickets. So whatever the problem is is specific to those tickets, and not the User.
  17. rdusing

    rdusing New Member

    I believe I have found the error. The database is storing a certain user's email address as "example@domain.tld ". Note the extra space.

    Now whenever this email address is added to the ticket object, it is trimmed to "example@domain.tld". But it is not trimmed in the email addresses returned by "getUserEmailList()". Therefore when the two email addresses are compared, they end up being different when checking for permissions.

    A solution could be to make sure every email address in the database is trimmed or insure it is trimmed inside the "getUserEmailList()" function.

    I'll manually go ahead and trim the users email address inside the database as I believe it's only affecting one of our customers.
  18. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member


    Thanks for pointing this out. It may be the case that manually created user e-mail addresses with a space at the end (inputted by the staff user) is not being trimmed here. I've filed a bug and we will investigate.
  19. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

  20. rdusing

    rdusing New Member

    As a temporarily solution that I believe works,

    I added:
    $this->ticket["email"] = trim($this->ticket["email"]);
    right after
    $this->ticket = $this->getTicket($ticketid);
    in functions_ticketmain.php

    As well adding:
    foreach ($_emaillist as $key => $value) {
    $_emaillist[$key] = trim($value);
    right before the return of the getUserEmailList() in functions_clienttickets.php

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