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Fatal error: ERROR: Could not insert all templates

Discussion in 'Installation and upgrading' started by Fuze9-Hunter, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Fuze9-Hunter

    Fuze9-Hunter New Member

    I'm just a tad (meaning extremely) past pissed off right now. I had LiveResponse, and got this error - they sent me a fix. I don't have the fix any more. That was 2 weeks ago. I upgraded to SupportSuite, had to reinstall. Getting the error again. I don't have the fix any more. Kayako has known about the problem for well over 2 weeks, even more than a month, SO WHY NOT RELEASE A FIX TO EVERYONE IN THE FRIGGIN MEMBERS AREA?!?!? This has put me off for 3 days, and now I'm REALLY getting pissed. Someone send me a fix, omega [at] slip7 [dot] net.

    Fatal error: ERROR: Could not insert all templates. - in /home/******/public_html/support/setup/steps/setup_step5.php on line 32
  2. craigbrass

    craigbrass Experienced Member

    Which build are you trying to install? Latest stable? Latest CSV?

    The latest stable installs fine for me.
  3. supportskins

    supportskins Kayako Guru

    Try re-uploading the files in binary and check if it fixes the error
  4. Fuze9-Hunter

    Fuze9-Hunter New Member

    Latest stable, and it's zend, and uploaded correctly with binary.
    EDIT: Could either of you contact me via aim: sharplead, or msn: omega [at] xetch [dot] net, that'd be awesome...
  5. Fuze9-Hunter

    Fuze9-Hunter New Member

    ...Problem solved by CraigBrass. Thanks bud.
  6. craigbrass

    craigbrass Experienced Member

    Your welcome!
  7. vangok

    vangok New Member

    Hi all,
    have the same problem, what was the solution?

    I use last stable, zend and with binary mode uploadet on FC6, apache2, php5, mysql5...

    Can you help me?
  8. supportskins

    supportskins Kayako Guru

    Switch to the latest ioncube build. The issue is with the zend builds.

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