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Feedback needed: Official translations (Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Italian)

Discussion in 'Language packs' started by Jamie Edwards, Nov 27, 2013.

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  1. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi all

    Eventually, we will be shipping Kayako with officially supported and maintained language packs, combining professional translation services, community-powered portal for community ratings and review, and machine assisted translations.

    We have 14 languages in the pipeline.

    I am looking for your feedback. Please scroll down to this post for more.
  2. cse

    cse Member


    first of all: I think this would be a nice approach!

    But how was this translation done? With google?
    The words are quite okay for german but no setence is grammatically correct:

    Ihre Anfrage ist uns wichtig.Bitte warten Sie,und einem unserer Mitarbeiter mit Ihnen in Kürze.
    Ihre Anfrage ist uns wichtig. Bitte haben Sie noch einen Moment Geduld es wird in Kürze ein Mitarbeiter zur Verfügung stehen.

    I think the best would be an open translation database where every community member can contribute and after a verification the translation will be published in the xml / ships directly with kayako.
    maybe like it is done in many open source projects:
  3. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Thanks, we expected that to be the case. We're using a bunch of things, including mymemory.translated.net and Google (and so on). We're just testing the basis at the moment and we will eventually go with one of those community collaboration type portals.
  4. Raid

    Raid Member

    Well the German Version of your Translation is terrible.
    Now i have a verry big Problem, because i have no Backup of my own Translation ...
  5. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Oh, ouch. Do you have a database backup? Perhaps you could restore it it to a separate installation and export your old language pack.
  6. cse

    cse Member

    Thats why you should always use dev enviroments ...
  7. Raid

    Raid Member

    Yes i know, its my fault, normally i make always Backups, i also have a Database Dump from the last Update and also from every Day a automatically created Backup.

    But its no Problem, i spend yesterday a few hours to make my own german Language File, after correcting all Errors from / in the kayako Version of the german Language File. So today i will make some tests and then maybe i can share it.
  8. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Thanks all. OK, here is another experiment.

    What are your thoughts on the following translations for Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Portuguese and Italian?

    I am interested in ones that stand out as perfect (based on your experience of Kayako, its usual tone of voice, the usual Kayako in/formality, technical accuracy) and also any you think stand out as terrible :)

    Thanks for your help.





  9. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member





  10. MH-Stefan

    MH-Stefan New Member

    For the German translation, I think the 3rd translation is better, but not 100% perfect. I have the feeling that the translations weren't done by someone who speaks German as the primary/mother language, although I may be wrong.

    We have clients from all across the globe and having the helpdesk translated in multiple languages would be really helpful. I definitely hope the translations will be shipped with Kayako soon.
  11. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    That is interesting! The examples are from native German speakers and citizens, with different backgrounds. Do you feel it is too formal or technical, which is why it is no coming across as native?
  12. tjarko

    tjarko New Member

    In dutch the first example is the best, it uses the correct words and is polite in tone.
  13. Spanish translation: The best is the second one. The worst is the first one.
  14. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Thanks! What makes the best one the best?
  15. MH-Stefan

    MH-Stefan New Member

    The tone is fine and it isn't too technical, but the translations aren't 100% correct - at least in my option.

    1st Translation:
    • "angestellten Benutzern" translated literally means "hired user". I think the right word here is "staff", which I'd prefer to translate in German as "Mitarbeiter" or "Personal".
    • Although "E-Mailnachrichten" is correct, I'd simply replace it with "E-Mails", which is also correct and seems easier and friendlier to me.
    2nd Translation:
    • Overall, this translation is a bit misleading. If you read it quickly, you can either understand it wrong, or not understand it at all if you're a newbie.
    • "Mitarbeiter-Benutzern" translated literally means "staff user". Although it may sound okay in English, it's wrong and sounds very strange in German. As already mentioned, I'd use "Mitarbeiter" or "Personal" instead.
    • The second sentence doesn't really make sense to me. I had to read it carefully to understand what it means. I'd replace it with the line from the 1st translation.
    • The third sentence is translated wrong. "Es gibt drei Arten des Empfängers:" should actually be "Es gibt drei Arten von Empfängern:"
    3rd translation:
    • In the 2nd sentence "gesendet werden" should be replaced with "gesendet wird" to be gramatically correct. Here's how I'd write this sentence: "Ticket-Empfänger können hinzugefügt werden, wenn eine Kopie (CC) oder Blindkopie (BCC) gesendet wird, oder wenn ein Ticket weitergeleitet wird."
    • I'd reformulate the CC-Nutzer description this way: "CC-Nutzer: Ein CC-Nutzer, der einem Ticket hinzugefügt wurde, erhält eine Kopie aller Antworten unserer Mitarbeiter."
    • And the BCC-Nutzer description as: "BCC-Nutzer: Ein BCC-Nutzer, der einem Ticket hinzugefügt wurde, erhält eine Blindkopie aller Antworten unserer Mitarbeiter."
    The 4th translation seems gramatically correct to me, but I don't like the way it was formulated overall.

    Unless you label a (B)CC recipient as a user, I'd replace "(B)CC-Benutzer" with "(B)CC-Empfänger" in all 4 translations. "Benutzer" means user and "Empfänger" means recipient.
    Here's how I'd formulate the translation, which is a mix of the first 3 translations:
    Please note that I'm a German citizen since 13 years, I speak German on a daily basis and I went to school in Germany, but I'm not a native German and German is not my mother tongue, so I may be wrong. However, I often correct even my German friends and I have an ear that simply can't overhear grammatical errors.
  16. prodomein

    prodomein Member

    The first translation of Dutch is the best.
    'Ticketontvangers ontvangen alle e-mailcorrespondentie verzonden door medewerkers. De optie voor het toevoegen van ticketontvangers is beschikbaar bij het verzenden van een CC of BCC, of bij het doorsturen van een ticket. Er zijn drie typen ontvangers:

    CC-gebruikers: Een CC-gebruiker die aan een ticket is toegevoegd ontvangt een kopie van alle door medewerkers verzonden antwoorden.

    BCC-gebruikers: Een BCC-gebruikers die aan een ticket is toegevoegd ontvangt een blinde kopie van alle door medewerkers verzonden antwoorden.'
  17. Thierry@Perrier

    Thierry@Perrier New Member

    Hi Jamie,
    do you mean you will ship Kayako with translated Staff and Admin CP as well ?
  18. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

  19. DonLapeno

    DonLapeno Established Member

    This would be awesome, we just released a new brand that is aimed at Latin America.

    Now this could be an issues, is the Spanish your doing Spain Spanish, or Latin America Spanish, as they do have their differences, something you may want to consider for those larger language groups that have variations, like Portuguese as well there are 2 branches of the language i beleive
  20. Torbjörn S.

    Torbjörn S. Reputed Member

    Does this mean any kind of redesign that makes it easier to translate staff/admin or do I still have to hack every single php-file in order to get it in Swedish?
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