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Fixed: Ticket processing "no processing" changes menu format

Discussion in 'Modifications, extensions and addons' started by brygrant, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. brygrant

    brygrant New Member

    Some of our emails have heavy formatting in as are sent in Rich Text using Word as the editor in Outlook.

    When mails are parsed and displayed with "strip tags" (admin>templates>tickets>processing) the posts are displayed with incorrect formatting and lots of extra style information. When we change to "no processing" (not recommended but we have NO external emails parsed) it displays the posts fine in staff view but because of the style settings in each one the menu at the top and left are messed up. Not a major problem but VERY messy to work with.

    I have done the following to "fix" this issue - it will undoubtedly add a little more processing as i am calling the esupport style tags for each post displayed but it is VERY MUCH worth it.

    Change ticket processing to "no processing"
    The below line was inserted into the file .\modules\tickets\staff_viewtickets.php after line 877

    echo '<head><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="http://your_esupport_url/staff/index.php?_ca=css" /></head>'.SWIFT_CRLF;
  2. craigbrass

    craigbrass New Member

    Thanks for sharing that with the community brygrant!

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