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Flags - Change title from "Red Flag" to something meaningful

Discussion in 'Style and design' started by steveb, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. steveb

    steveb Member

    As the title implies, I'd like to change the titles of the Flags. Red Flag, Orange Flag, are all very generic, but not terribly useful in a specific way, IE staff have to KNOW what the flags mean.

    I've read that there are entries in the php files in \__swift\locale\en-us in the staff_tickets.php and staff_ticketsmain.php, but I'm not seeing them.

    Have they moved? Is there a different way to change the Flag descriptions now?
  2. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    Try here: \upload\__swift\locale\en-us\en-us.php
    Right around line 325.
  3. steveb

    steveb Member


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