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Forward all tickets to email

Discussion in 'Customizing, extending and styling Kayako 3' started by ryermal, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. ryermal

    ryermal New Member


    I'm building this to integrate with Highrise so we can follow client conversations outside of the support system for sales purposes.

    I want to forward ALL support tickets to a highrise dropbox. So, whenever a new ticket is created (by staff or by client, whether through an email parser or through the support center) and whenever a ticket is replied to (by staff or by client, whether through the UI or email), it needs to go to highrise. Which means that if it comes in by email from client, it needs to be forwarded to an email address. If it comes in through the UI from client, php mail() needs to be called to send it off to an email address. Finally, when it comes from the staff, the response should be BCC'd to an email address.

    What php files do I need to modify? If you want to take it a step further, a direct example would be perfect!

    Thank you,
  2. ryermal

    ryermal New Member

    Also I am the first to admit that I know nothing and there may be an easier way to do this!
  3. Dinker Sangar

    Dinker Sangar Kayako Staff

    Hello Russell,
    This is quite easy to achieve with the use of E-mail Alerts. Here is how you can achieve it :

    - Create a dummy staff account from the Admin CP
    - in the staff account, set the e-mail address, to which you want the e-mails to be sent
    - login to Staff CP using the dummy staff member login details
    - insert alert rules from Tickets > Alerts > Insert Alert Rule

    You can set the rule as Private, so that the set notifications should only be sent to this staff member's e-mail address. Further, you can choose 'Alert Events' for the notifications to be sent, such as 'New Ticket', 'New Client Reply', 'New Staff Reply', etc.

    This will make the system to send the e-mail notifications to the Staff e-mail address, which will contain the content of the e-mail/communication too. Hope, that helps.
  4. ryermal

    ryermal New Member

    Awesome! One other thing...

    This ALMOST does it for me, I just need one more thing!

    In order for highrise to parse the email correctly, it must receive the client's email address. This should appear in the message as "Forwarded from" (I guess that's a field in the header?)

    How do I change the template of the alert so that this occurs?

    Thanks a ton!
  5. A.J. Jonkeren

    A.J. Jonkeren New Member

    Kayako -> Highrise link

    we are building something like this right now.
    I will let you know when it is finished.

    I just posted this on the Highrise forum:

    We are using Kayako e-support for giving e-mail support to our customers.
    And, we use Highrise as a contact manager.
    Right now, we sometimes encounter following example: our sales department uses Highrise to see latest info on a customer. But, they do not see if any contact in that company he's about to call, has recently mailed us to our support mailbox (as sales people do not read the support inbox here).
    Wouldn't it be nice for the sales guy, when he makes the call, to ask "Hey, I see Sandra had a problem with XXX. Is everything fine now?" etcetera.
    In short: I want to have the sales people know what's going on; which is, ofcourse, our goal with Highrise.
    We are now building something nice in Kayako e-support:
    An extra 'tab' above the mail: "Highrise".
    Click on it, and a button appears: "Add to Highrise".
    Two clicks, and you're done.
    In the background, our little program fetches the sender mail address, looks it up in Highrise (so it "knows" who the message belongs to), and adds it through the Highrise API.
    Furthermore, while composing an outgoing support-response, you will see an extra checkbox "Add to Highrise". Click it, and click "send" to send the message. Your response is also added to the right person in you Highrise account.

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