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Getting CC to create a ticket.

Discussion in 'Email piping' started by netFusion, May 22, 2007.

  1. netFusion

    netFusion Reputed Member

    Here's the first scenario...

    A user sends me an email directly instead of sending it to the help desk mail queue.

    I reply to the user and add my help desk mail queue as a CC address, reminding the user to send the ticket to the mail queue address instead of me directly next time. ;)

    This should politely remind the user and still create a ticket at the same time.

    The parser reads the message out of the POP3 account and creates a log entry saying "Result: No Assigned Queues Found for Mail Recipients".

    So how do I get the mail parser to create the ticket from the Recipient when the mail queue email address is the CC address?

    Users frequently carry on a discussion and add the help desk mail queue to create a ticket, so I see this happening frequently.

    Any thoughts? I think I've seen this problem in the forum somehwere, but doing a search on CC and Parser has not led me back to it yet. And I don't find anything in the knowledebase on it either...

    I'm running SupportSuite 3.10.02 Stable with the Mahesh Mail Queue Name and Address patch.

  2. ironfist

    ironfist Established Member

    I usually just manually create a ticket for the user via the staff CP and paste in the email.

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