Getting Screwed on New License?

Discussion in 'Feedback and suggestions' started by level4designs, Aug 21, 2018.

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    So I never post and though this should be a public notice. I have been on kayako for over 10 years now, classic, fusion, and now we want to add the new chat systems and have to end of life our standalone to get this... I understand.

    so talking with a Kayako renewal expert! We are given pricing that is well above just a standard signup on your website? Instead of a growth plan of 30 a month per seat, we were told it was $32.5 and then ramped up over the next 5 years to over $50 a month...

    what gives? I'm a user of 10 years on this platform and I have to pay more for the new platform than anyone just coming in off the web?

    then I'm told if I "Invest in Kayako, Kayako will invest in me"? What the heck, I have invested 10 years in this software, given bug issues, and much more...

    This whole licensing switch is such a clustered mess, I am looking to move on... special pricing for existing customers? ya it's special, it's more than what you get if you just go online and buy a seat...

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